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Catching up for book club....

I lugged these flowers home from the city but I now have 3 vases filled with fresh flowers which is lovely. Who knew flowers could be so heavy?!
I picked up some new books on the weekend, one of which is Bruce Chatwin's 'Utz.' I'm trying to finish it for book club tomorrow night, I wasn't familiar with it until I had to read it but it's a lovely story. So here I am sitting in the sun blogging and finishing my book.
I've never read 'Dracula,' so that's next on the list.
And in case you are wondering, there may or may not be gin in my drink, and that may or may not be the Dior book in this week's Happy Friday give-away. Like the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books of my childhood, I'll let you decide on that one ;)



Spoonful of Stilettos said...

Where are those shoes from?

lulki said...

are they pink peony roses i see? they are my favourite, i picked up some from preston market over the week end, they look lovely in my kitchen, happy reading! xxx

Wikifashion said...

Gorgeous flowers!!

Uinisan said...

I love reading... so HAPPY reading!!! heehehehe...I also should catch up on some of the novels I've been buying but haven't yet got around to reading~~~

Style Seduction said...

I used to walk into the city every saturday morning and pick up fresh flowers for my apartment and get fresh pastries from the local patisserie. *sigh* those were the days!

Denise said...

i love your shoes and those flowers are so sweet.

btw am reading phantom of the opera now. It's a shame cos i've watched all the play and the movies but never have i read the book.

have a great day. you always look so lovely.

I Am Denise Katipunera

MannequinMe said...

Those shoes are from Ebony M aren't they?

Hm... 'Utz' sounds interesting, I might read that next.

Have you read a book by Patrick Süskind called 'Perfume'? I think you would enjoy it!

Poppy Gets a Life said...

Lady Melbourne I must ask - who takes all the beautiful photos you put up on your blog? Do you enlist in the support of friends and His Lordship, or do you use a tripod when you can?

I just finished reading The Alchemist - a few years behind the rest of the world, but better late than never!

Poppy xox

Poppy Gets a Life

Wear, Show & Tell said...

HEY, i have a chair like that, that I just reuppolstered!

Stefanie said...

Lovely flowers - I bet they look amazing all over your house :) I've always wanted to read Dracula too :)

Bucca said...

I'd like to think there is Gin in that glass ;)

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Love your shoes. Flowers are beautiful too.

Miss Emmi said...

That's a very chic and simple casual outfit - and is that a Dior book I spy? I'm loving those penguin classics, picking one up before the trainride home has definitely become an addiction for me!

Miri said...

I loved those choose your own adventure books! I still have a couple stacked up in my bookshelf =)

bubblygirl said...

Lady Melbourne-
I must firstly say that I ADORE your blog and frequently bookmark your posts for outfit inspiration :)
I have (just yesterday) finished Year 12 and as a fellow Melbourne girl, I found myself perusing the Course Guide for the University of Melbourne. I was instantly taken by the appearance of the covergirl of my guide- could it be that our own Lady Melbourne was a Melbourne student herself? Or perhaps more simply a model brought in for the photoshoot? Or just a random girl who bears a striking resemblance to our favourite local blogger? The mind boggles... :)
Here is the link for others to compare for themselves:
Much love,

Her name was Lola said...

You might have the coolest header/font in the entire blogosphere. I just adore it {almost as much as I adore those shoes!}


omchelsea said...

mmm. books. delicious books. I do like the new cheapie penguins.

andrea said...

You are going to love "Dracula".

Lady Melbourne said...

Spoonful of Stilettos- they are a label called 'Tous Les Jour' and I bought them at Ebony M boutique in South Yarra. Their details are on my shopping directory :)

lulki- they sure are!

Wikifashion- thanks, I love fresh flowers!

Uinisan- I love reading too :)

Style Seduction- sounds so Parisienne! I do that but don't live quite in the city...near by :)

Denise- I've never read Phantom, but perhaps now I will!

MannequinMe- I have read Perfume, and we did it for book club last year as well. You are correct, the heels are from Ebony M.

Poppy Gets a Life- don't worry, I know there are books out there that are positive classics that I haven't got to either :)
I take all my own photos, I have a digital SLR camera and two tri-pods. You can read about it in my profile.

Wear, Show & Tell- ooo,I found this on the side of the road and am planning the same!

Stefanie- thanks doll

Bucca- hee hee hee!

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP- thank you, they are my fav's!

Miss Emmi- it sure is the book!

Miri- wow you do?! I've kept so many books from my childhood, they are in trunks in the attic at my parents house. I can't bare to part with them.

bubblygirl- yes that is me, it was a shoot I did about 5 years ago in my modelling days. I got paid for it, and I've never studied at Melbourne Uni, my undergrad and post grad studies have all been at RMIT. Well spotted!

er name was Lola- thank you so much, I created it from scratch in photoshop.

omchelsea- I love books!