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A night out at Somewhere...

Me and Calvin who I adore from Marais
I was invited tonight to the opening of Somewhere boutique in the Block arcade. It was the usual mix of fashion and art in Melbourne, I kept looking out for Hayley but I didn't see her. I thought it would be more her crowd than mine but no doubt she made her appearance at some stage!
Somewhere is a new store just opened in Melbourne, the sister store to Sydney's Somedays stocking a similar mix of cult Scandinavian labels.
The adorable Gustav.

Jane and Jamie from Swensk Boutique with Calvin from Marais

Then it was onto dumplings at Dumpling Village and ice-cream on the lawn of the State Library.



MannequinMe said...

AHH! I simply love the outfit- especially the blouse!

Fashion Hayley said...

I was there. People kept telling me you were looking for me but I couldn't find you. Next time. Photos are up on my blog too. xxx

Emanuelly Guedes said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahh you're making the lawn at the state library cool again! As a Anti-Macrobbian-Macrobbian I wouldn't bee seen on the lawn with all the chain smoking uni kids and horny high schoolers unless it was the dark of the night. HAHA!

Anyway, I love the satin shorts!


Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Can't wait to go an check out the store.

*Diane* said...

You have such a fab blog! i'm linking you, hope u don't mind :-)