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Oroton Designer Studio: Lady Melbourne readers get it first!

Me and my 'Fortuna' bag, one of a couple of Oroton numbers I own.

Under the lock and key of their designer’s “studio” Oroton has a limited number of unique fashion bags, which they have been safeguarding since the 1970s and of which they will shortly open up to the public for the first time.

Some items are old popular favourites while others have never even made shop shelves because they were too expensive to produce in multiple quantities making them genuine one off items.

The designer studio will officially open its online doors, on Tuesday 24 November with a selection of one-off and limited edition items, including the Vogue V-50 clutch .
HOWEVER, there will be an opportunity to grab your piece of fashion history one day early just for Lady M readers, today, Monday 23 November. Following that, new products will become available weekly until Christmas.

Jacket: It was Mother Melbourne's in the 1970s, she had it made by a Melbourne Designer
Jeans: EziBuy Boots: Senso Diffusion
Blouse: Vintage Glasses: Second hand



Xanadoo said...

Love the tan bag Lady Melbourne! I want that. Checked out Oroton's Studio. Loving the twinkling mouse movement - tee hee. Are they going to be adding more stuff?

Voce said...

Love it! LM
i ve been eyeing on that tanned color vintage bag as well since last time it appeared on the website, I even called the HQ where i can get it. finally, it's out now! thanks for sharing!

Ellie said...

Oooh, I have a vintage oroton glo-mesh which I really do love.

Style Seduction said...

I looked for the V50 bag everywhere and it was sold out, if i could get my hands on one I would be in heaven!

ming siew said...

gosh, that bag is GOOOOOOGEOUS! Mama Melbourne has very good taste!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

i too, want the one you want!! x

Lady Melbourne said...

yes they are adding more items weekly up until xmas.

The tan bag from the 80's is so cute but something tells me it will be on limited edition and hard to snap up!


Anonymous said...

Lady M, these images are just stunning, and those little shoe/boots are so cool!


You are too stylish! We are not worthy!


bee said...

erm I'm confused- so does this mean that ALL those bags in the timeline will be re-released? Any ideas on prices, esp for the 1982 one? And the 57 one too if anyone knows?

Hippie Frou Frou said...

wow, i just looove those booties!

jess s//

Jessica said...

The Fortuna bag is divine!

Lady Melbourne said...

Grant- I'm not that up with what the cool kids are saying so what does the 'Z' mean in ZOMFG?!?!
It's a hot bag, I can't disagree with you there!

bee- from the info I've been provided with there are bags dating back to the 1970s that will be released but I haven't been given specifics or dates. I guess they've done that so people keep coming back. Cheeky!

Hippie Frou Frou- I like them too, I didn't like them on the shelf but then I saw a girl wearing them and died of envy! Bought them the same day :)

Jessica- thanks doll!

FashionAddict said...

Great outfit, you look just like a celebrity in this chic little number :)

The Princess of many sorts:) said...

LM is my initials as well:)
I really loved that combination of look amazing...
Have a wonderful day.SP