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Summer is here: It's damn hot in Melbourne

Just a quick one today as I'm working on a DIY circle skirt complete with pictures. Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

What's the temperature like over there? It's not going to be under 35 all week here in Adelaide. WHERE'S MY SPRING? :'(

Miss Madeline said...

I swear it was like 35 in Melbourne today but I've heard it's not as bad as what's coming for Adelaide. I really hate summer!


It was quite warm here in Canberra too! My walk home was very enjoyable!

Miss Emmi said...

I wouldn't have left the air conditioned comfort of home if I didn't have an exam! Terrible conditions - even the flies were lying in the shade! Time to stock up on breezy cotton dresses~

Miss Erinna said...

Oh I agree - the weather is awfull! But a lovely outfit just the same!

Lady Melbourne said...

lifeofafi- It's pretty damn hot here, 34 today.

Miss Madeline- I'm not sure what's in store for Adelaide, but I do know that we're in for a couple days of hot weather:(

Always Chasing- how lovely for you!

Miss Emmi- You've inspired me, I'm spending tomorrow in the air conditioning shopping online.

Miss Erinna- thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's hot and I hate it and can we all please pool our resources to create some sort of stylish, sun-blowing-up device???

We could make some sort of giant Louis Vuitton dog carrier...

But for the sun...

SEE! See what the heat does to me T_T

You're looking lovely as ever Lady M!


Anonymous said...

it's been 38/39 degrees for quite a while in alice springs. it seems summer is a little early this year.


Betty A. said...

Hi there LM,

I'm Betty from Malaysia.

Luv ur blog ;)

keep it up!