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High Tea at Georges and 'Insert Name Here' Boutique

Yesterday Lois and I popped in on 'Insert Name Here' boutique in the Georges building for a spot of high tea and to check out their latest offerings.
I was mighty pleased to discover Nikolina, a millinery label handcrafted here in Melbourne. Her pieces were just stunning!

Eva Q dresses.

Designer Eva Q making tea

Me in Nikolina Concepts millinery

Designers Airdrie Makim, Nikolina Kucan and Eva Q

Insert Name Here boutique
Shop 5, 195 Lt Collins St
Georges Building



diamondsinchampagne said...

Firstly those dresses are so gorgeous. Would love the details of where I could buy one.
The headpieces are wonderful too, the embellishments are gorgeous.

sarah said...

Those cupcakes were delicious (and gluten free too) - Airdrie made them herself!

PS diamondsinchampagne you'll have to email Eva since you aren't in Victoria. Contact deets here:

...and more images of her pretty pieces here:

Uinisan said...

I'm definitely gonna go and check that place out seems real nice~~~~

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, that looks like one of the most amazing shops in the world!

The Danish Girl said...

Oooh, gluten free cupcakes! I need! Pretty pictures xx

Anonymous said...

How very cute!


litto.moo said...

Lady Melbourne this is going to sound creepy but I think I saw you at Flinders St Station yesterday around 6pm! Your purple dress caught my eye. =]

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Everything from the beautifully decorated cupcakes, to the stunning headpieces followed by the dreamy dresses equals fashion fabulousness!

Miss Madeline said...

Gorgeous hats + tea and cupcakes may equal a perfect day!

♥akisa♥ said...

sounds like a lovely afternoon!! I love the cupcake display..

FairyFiligree said...

What fun - it all looks so delicate, feminine & sweet. I'm curious about those dresses. Can I get the contact of the designer who makes them please? Speaking of cupcakes, I recently received a card from a girl with whom I swapped some clothes and it had... cupcakes on its front.... Mmmm!

ana b. said...

Those hats/fascinators are amazing! Perfect for all the cup days coming up in summer. Must have a look.

Anonymous said...

Love the pearls with the little horse pendant! Very cute!

Now I have a craving for a ridiculously extravagent High Tea XD


JoolzGirl said...

Lovely to see you yesterday! And the photos are fab xo

violetville said...

cupcakes, tea, lovely dresses, and horse necklaces? why can't this be every day?! so wonderful!

Tink in My Closet said...

And the envy sinks in. That rack of romantic frocks... oh I'm swooning.
Looks lovely!

Fashion Tidbits said...

mmmm those cupcakes look yumm

Lady Melbourne said...

Hey guys!
Apparently Eva Q does have a website, my mistake! check out

Fashion Tidbits- they were, I ate 2 of them!

Tink In My Closet- The dresses are so gorgeous, if you are nearby you should pop in.

Violetville- I know right?! I might try and recreate in my lounge room.

Joolzgirl- and you!

Grant- you and me both!

ana.B- they are so divine and so well made, I was in love.

Fiary Filigree- What a sweet card, I do love cupcakes too!

Miss Madeline and Akisa- it was a perfect afternoon.

Elizabeth- it was quite fabulous now I think about it!

litto.moo- that was me but I gave up trying to get the train in the end and got a tram. Connex are useless!

Angela- I expect to see your stuff in there one day!

The Danish Girl- I didn't even know they were gluten free but they were quite delicious!

Rosie- it was pretty special, the girls have done an amazing job with the shop.

Uinisan- you should, it's like being in a doll house.

Sarah- thank you for the update!!

Diamonds- I've updated the post with details :)

The Owl's Closet said...

such an adorable boutique! love the cupcakes!

anastasia said...

gorgeous, ethereal dresses! the neckline on the one eva q is wearing is delicious; i wish i wasn't a continent away, i would scoop up one of her dresses in a heartbeat.