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Out comes the sun, and dries up all the rain

Melbourne is so fickle when it comes to the weather, yesterday it was almost as though Mother Nature couldn't be bothered and thought, you know what the hell with it, no sun today, rain it will be.
Seriously, I had jeans and a jacket on yesterday, today I wore this. I'm so used to dressing for the weather and I don't really mind, it kind of gives you a chance to wear your wardrobe all year around.
I bought these brogue/oxfords in Adelaide some 2 years ago now and I love them. They were by a local shoe maker, Kelly and I got them at Club House Lane boutique when it was in Croydon. If there are any locals out there could you let me know where I might find them, or something similar?
I'll be in Adelaide shortly so if there are any places I need to eat/visit/shop/photograph/meet then let me know!
In other housekeeping news I'm bumping up the Peppermint Mag and earring give-away to end THIS week, Thursday 10th of November. I have no idea why I put it on for so long, I've got far too much stuff to give away before Christmas so I didn't think you'd all mind :)
Movies tickets, vintage dresses, it's all coming up.....................

Glasses: Kinki Gerlinki
Skirt: Lady M
Silk top: Camberwell Market
Watch: Second hand
Bracelet: Lady M
Shoes: Kelly, Club House Lane Boutique(see shopping directory)



Apple Daisy Girl said...

i love your shoes so cute:)

xx. A

Uinisan said...

I find it quite annoying sometimes living in Melb with the whole 4 seasons in 1 day occurring's never constant and I can never seem to know what to wear coz once I leave the house it will suddenly turn cold or hot~~~~ hahahahaha... Loving what you have on so soft, feminine and flow-y

Jordan said...

I love the 'wearing your wardrobe all year round' aspect of Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

AHAHa I blogged about the weird weather as well. It's apparently going to thunderstorm tomorrow night again :( I had to get some of my winter stuff out of storage.

You rock that look, so fabulously 50s, and I love your watch too!


Silverbeige said...

Great photo with that light on the 1srt pic!

RetroJetGirl said...

Haha, I hate packing for trips that include Melbourne, because I always bring the wrong thing, even if I check the forecast :P

ooh, giveaways, how very Santa of you Lady M =D

Louise Cornegé said...

Those brogues are very cool.
Happy packing!

Jay said...

When I lived in Adelaide I'd always leave town for 'serious' shopping - I'm going back for Christmas though so will be keen to see what you get up to in Adelaide! The only 'restaurants' I'd recommend there would be Chocolate Bean on Union St, or Cocolat on Rundle St. Yum!

Lady Melbourne said...

Apple Daisy Girl- mmmm thanks, I wouldn't mind a pair in a really pale grey....that's what I'm looking for anyhow!

Uinisan- it can be so frustrating I know! I guess layering is key, sometimes I don't always include all the layers I wear, but they are there I promise!

Jordan- me too :)

angelaseeangelablog- it's a little crazy considering that it's summer yeah? I just put all my winter clothes into storage too.

Silverbeige- thanks!

RetroJetGirl- I think packing/dressing for Melbourne weather is one of those mythical things that it's your blood. I got your package too by the way, expect a post soon ;)

Louise Cornegé- ta!

Jay- anything to do with chocolate has my vote! I believe I can shop in any city, and in any situation. I love going to the supermarket, so if that gives you an indication I will be shopping hard in Adelaide!

Turtle said...

Very sophisticated :)

Amy said...

Melbourne's weather has been fickle for a long time. I've lived in Melbourne all my life and still to this day find it a pain at times to adapt to the four seasons that Melbourne throws at me in a day.

I went to Sydney for a few days and it was gorgeous, unlike Melbourne's weather.

steph. said...


goodness me yes, i can help with le adelaide guide! first, we now have fivethousand! yay!

i could rattle on all day about what to do, but here are some ideas off the top of my head. give the places a google if you want some more precise info!


clubhouse lane is now on frome st, just around the corner from rundle st.

hype and seek and azalia boutique are out on queen st, croydon.

push pin boutique is in compton st, off gouger st.

nadia's house of serendipity and rewind are both at glenelg.

irving baby can be found in twin st, off rundle mall, and hindley st as well.

red ruby vintage, peel st (off hindley)

antique market, grote st.

general shops:

i love right hand distribution, das and shop 5, all on ebenezer place. there is also a vintage shop there whose name has escaped me! hero...? i think.)

youthworks on gawler place/grenfell st is quite good.

if you're up for a bit of higher-end stuff, try the new guard on unley rd, unley.


bar 9, glen osmond rd

queen st cafe, croydon

cork wine cafe, gouger st

bliss organic, compton st

espresso royale, magill rd.

swedish tarts, semaphore

elephant walk cafe, north adelaide (opens at 8,pm excellent for dessert, but watch the line up!)

(and yes, chocolate bean is very good.)


amalfi, frome st (cardinale pizza is SO good!)

mesa lunga, gouger st. (mmm sangria...)

farina kitchen and bar, hindmarsh square


la boheme, grote st

lotus lounge, gouger st

botanic bar ($6 pizza too!), cnr north terrace/east terrace

enjoy your visit! x

steph. said...
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faye said...

Isn't it funny? I live in southern Europe, it's winter here, but apparently we have similar weather- a lot colder here of course, since it's winter, but there's no sun here today as well. I hate rainy days whether it's summer, winter or spring.

georgeface said...

Canberra is exactly the same.

mom & son said...

you're so gorgeous
and i always like your photo concept here.

HoneyBunny said...

Oh, you look so elegant darling! The shoes are just adorable<3

Anonymous said...

I really do love the circle skirt you made for yourself. I saved your instructions in my DIY Evernote notebook. I might make myself a skirt by the end of the year!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

cool pattern on that skirt, and i really dig the shades!

jess s//

Friend in Fashion said...

Steph has summed it up perfectly! :)

RetroJetGirl said...

Oh yay! I'm working on some pictures today actually, if I still have no joy I shall let you work your magic on them :P

Steph, thanks for the ADL guide, I was looking for places last time I was there but hald the online listings were out of date...

*scribbles notes furiously*

Tink in My Closet said...

Cute shoes Miss!

Miss Madeline said...

The weather lately has been very annoying!