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Today was a little bit cooler. And then it rained.

You know this jacket belonged to Mother Melbourne? She had it made as part of a pant suit in the 1970's, the pants are lost but I still have the jacket.

I don't think she would have worn it with jeans, but it's a nice modern way to wear it, particularly in trans-seasonal weather. Yup, rained most of today even though it's summer here.

In other news Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist will be in Melbourne on Thursday at the Sass & Bide GPO store. Twitter is awash with buzz, are you going? It's open to anyone apparently, a sort of blogging royalty free-for-all. Ha!

Jeans: 'Emerge' from EziBuy
Jacket: Vintage from MM
Shirt: Also vintage
Heels/boots: Senso Diffusion



Belowen said...

I am in love with your blouse! I have been looking for one like that for ages! It kills me that it is vintage and therefore one of a kind :( Lucky! x

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look girl!

mom & son said...

you always look so dainty!
i like your fashion style!

MannequinMe said...

"He said Melbourne women had a "very serious" style preferring "over design" along the lines of Comme Des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto and flats over heels.

"A lot of times they kind of dummy it down a bit and kind of dowdy it down, which to me I don't find that romantic," he said."

28/04/09 The Age.

It made me a little wilted. I think he needs to meet you.

Blogarella said...

What a gorgeous jacket! You're so pretty. Bx

Style Seduction said...

Ooooh ezibuy I had a pair of pants I loved from them years ago and then they stopped stocking them and I started to boycott them. These pants were seriously the most flattering and comfortable pants *sigh*

WendyB said...

That jacket reminds me of a Stephen Sprouse piece that I gave away long ago...sigh.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa, what a fantastic jacket! i would have totally taken this from my mother too!

and if i was anywhere near AU i would totally be going to that show, enjoy yourself and please do share photos for all of us that couldn't make it!

jess s//

A Melbourne Girl said...

I love the Sartorialist...but won't be going to see him. I remember what it was like when he was in Melbouren last time and went to Cutler and Co in Gertrude Street. The place was packed solid. Not a good way to see him I'm afraid.

Love your blog Phoebe. I've even taken your advice and gone out and bought myself some of your Thursday Plantation face wash and love it. It's my nightime cleanser now.

Lost In Laneways said...

Was thinking of going but as per comment above, I went to Cutler & Co back in March and it was so packed. Don't fancy standing in a queue for hours... I can enjoy his book without the autograph !

Lady Melbourne said...

Belowen- I found one that was very similar last year in Sussan of all can find them, just have to look out I guess.

Glamour Bbey- right back at ya!

mom & son- thank you :)

MannequinMe- thats right, I forgot he said that! I don't think I need to line up for hours to get told that do I?!

Blogarella- ta, I love this jacket, so glad Mamma decided to keep it!

Style Seduction- yeah, I had NEVER considered buying from them until this year, but some of their stuff is great, and cheap too :)

WendyB- long lost vintage pieces, my heart breaks for you Wendy!!

Hippie Frou Frou- ha ha, it's pretty cool hey!

A Melbourne Girl- so glad you like the face wash, I just love it. So simple but great for your skin. I have to agree with you, I don't think I'll be attending either.

Lost In Laneways- agree entirely. I was contacted by the PR team who invited me along but didn't issue a press pass. How am I supposed to get photos jossling in the crowd?! I asked for an interview but never heard back.

I wouldn't mind meeting him, but the prospect of lining up around the street in a possible thunderstorm for 2 minutes and a hand shake turns me off. Maybe next time.

Lost In Laneways said...

Totally! Plus I asked Garance if she was going to be there and she isn't... otherwise I might have gone to catch up with her... Strange that they invited you but didn't issue a press pass. I mean, it's a book signing so obviously it is open to everyone!