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Saturday Op-Shopping and new dresses

Today I have been at the Camberwell market and found all manner of kitschy goodness, but here for your viewing pleasure are yesterdays op-shop and general shopping finds.

I often look in the larger size department at Savers because you can get great fabric in often simple shapes that can be re-cut.
The floral dress was a size 18 but I cut it down to fit me, put in an elastic waist, new buttons and it's like new. All the mauve dress needed was the hem to come up and a new neckline.

Finally got my hands on the latest issue of Lula magazine, my all time FAVOURITE glossy read.

I got the book at Savers, it has lovely illustrations inside and the Louis Vuitton organiser I found at a church op-shop for $1. I don't know if it's real, it is in really great condition and seems to have all the stamps and logos in the right places but I'm no Vuitton expert.
It was underneath a whole heap of stuff, the Nana's that sold it to me had no idea what it was. Even if it is fake it looks pretty good to me!



Skyler said...

Which Savers did you get the book from? I was at the Sydney Rd one earlier this week and the books all seemed to be gone :(
Love the mauve dress!

Arissa said...

I happen to be a self-proclaimed Vuitton expert~!!!

okay not really, just that I own a Vuitton organiser too. There isn't a photo compartment on the inside.


Anonymous said...

-gasp- the mauve dress is just WOWWWWWWW!!!!! The gathering around the waist would be soo flattering!!


Megan said...

Love the purple flowes. So clever! Wish I could sew.

Anonymous said...

lovely finds.
the camberwell market is great.
i got my old bike from there.
I love what you did with those dresses...i need to learn how to sew.


Little Waltz said...

Oh! I was at the Camberwell market too with a stall for my jewellery brand. =)

Hope you found some good buys!

suzie said...

lovely stuff you got there! good work on the floral dress :). xoxo

Bejewelled Dresser said...

Such gorgeous dresses - great finds! Love what you did with the mauve dress- can't wait to see how you style that one!

faye said...

I wish i knew how to sew myself. I love the mauve dress, it looks pretty and elegant now. Nice waist pattern.
And I double wish i knew of markets or Church op-shops where i live. That organiser is a great catch for a mere $1, it's a steal even if it's not real.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

aw i was going to go to camberwell market this morning but had to work quite early so didn't get to go:( also couldn't wake up at 6 .. !! i want to hunt some treasures!! x

pinky tham said...

I was at camberwell today too! was so tempted to lugged back this one vintage poster of Jack Daniel. it's so beautiful. haha

pinky tham said...

I was at camberwell today too! was so tempted to lugged back this one vintage poster of Jack Daniel. it's so beautiful. haha

Rosie Unknown said...

The remodeled floral dress is gorgeous!

RetroJetGirl said...

I remember you saying once before that you've cut down larger dresses... well you've inspired me to try, as well! I went to a vintage market yesterday and got the loveliest 'monet' coloured dress which only needs taking in a bit... will see how I go! :)

Jerine said...

I think the organizer is fake because LV monogram color is slightly lighter. And normally it's zipped up instead of button. But I'm not too sure because it might be vintage.

Penny said...

i love how you revived those dresses! x

Friend in Fashion said...

Love your update of the floral dress - very nice indeed! :)

Moon said...

You altered the dresses so well! I used to have a whole lot of Donna Parker books (mainly just for the kitschy covers) but I gave them away.

Fashion Tidbits said...

gosh you really revamped them well!

WendyB said...

Beautiful colors in that floral dress.

Kahani said...

Ooh great makeovers! Could you someday post a tute on putting in an elastic band waist? I'm forever having to take clothes in so that would be so handy!

mom & son said...

you always look glamorous no matter
what you wear. there's always a classy touch
when you wear an outfit.
i love the new dress!

Daydream Lily said...

I really need to learn to sew! I love what you did with these dresses.

Lady Melbourne said...

Skyler- I got that from the Brunswick store, their books are a little hit and miss but sometimes you get lucky :)

Arissa- thanks doll, I knew that someone out there would know! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

angelaseeangelablog- thanks doll, it is rather nice, I love it.

Megan- it's not that hard once you get the hang of it.

jacqueline amy- I love the Camberwell market as well, I always find something to take home.

Little Waltz- I probably walked past you!

suzie- thank you!

Bejewelled Dresser- I'll be wearing it soon in a psot!

faye- I know, thats what I thought, even for a dollar it looks great!

heartofpearl ♡- thats the only thing isn't it, you have to get up early on a sunday!

pinky tham- Wow we probably were there at the same time!

Rosie Unknown- I like it.

RetroJetGirl- it's sort of like the 'undiscovered' part of op-shopping, you can find the best fabrics!

Jerine- thanks for the advice!

Penny- I do like to rescue vintage dresses!

Friend in Fashion- thanks!

Moon- this is my first Donna Parker book, I like the illustrations if nothing else :)

Fashion Tidbits- ta!

WendyB- mmm I know, that's what caught my eye :)

Kahani- sure thing, I'll try and work it into a post!

mom & son- oh, so sweet, thanks!

Daydream Lily- thank you, it's really not that hard once you get the hang of things.

Anonymous said...

I love those Donna Parker books! They're actually a good read. xox

Laura said...

Lula is one of my fav mags as well!
Great editorials and articles with just a touch of ads. This issue made me want to go red too!

Tink in My Closet said...

Purple dress is so summer and lovely:) You look divine a sper usual!