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Camberwell Sunday Market

I love Camberwell market, it's a great place to shop in Melbourne, or just visit if you'd like to see where the locals shop.

You can buy almost anything but the main focus is clothes, jewellery, antiques and home wares. Over the years I've picked up some amazing accessories, only yesterday I saw an original YSL handbag from the 1970s on sale for $35.

Next week is the last market for the year if you are thinking about visiting, it will then start up again in the new year.
I bought this print for 10c.

I bought this little trinket box, I thought it would be perfect for kris kringle. The bracelet is by a Melbourne label and I met one of the designers, Kara who was selling them only at Camberwell.

They are all semi-precious stones with either gold or silver trinkets, but the sweetest part is that they are all of $18. She will be there next week, or you can email for all other enquiries.

You can't tell in the light, but this silk top is a really pale peach colour. It is so soft and feminine, perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. The painting in the background was $5 and I LOVE it!. His Lordship has banished it to the basement, but as you know I love all things kitsch and am planning a wall of kitschy paintings, this being the first edition.

I really love 70's glass wear, it reminds me of my childhood and how I used to visit our neighbours, Beat and Brian. She would let my brother and I choose from what seems like a cavernous tin of Arnotts Family Assorted, and naturally we always chose the choc ripple.
Then she would give us some cordial in glasses just like these. I loved the champagne ones too.
I took a friend from the States with me who is really into health and fitness. She was HORRIFIED that I was going to devour this bratwurst(devour I did) and insisted on taking a photo. Nothing can stand between me and a bratwurst.



Little Waltz said...

I love Camberwell Market, plus the hot dogs are awesome!

If you are coming to the last one this Sunday, do come say hi! I'll be there with my jewellery label: Little Waltz again. =) I'd love to say hi as I absolutely love your blog!

... maybe that sounded overly stalker-ish. I'm sorry!

Megan said...

Oh I foundbrown glass mugs at Ikea yesterday like my nan use to have in the day, I couldnt resist buying them. Love your finds!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

thanks for letting us know nxt weeks the last for this yr!! i was so kicking myself for not going that sun u went. could've bumped into u! hehe but def going to try get my lazy self there nxt week!! i lv those hotdogs and donuts they have there xx

Apple Daisy Girl said...

im going on sunday very excited, i've never gone befor but hoping to find some great stuff :) your finds are great:)

xx. A

WendyB said...

Looks like fun. Love those vintage glasses.

Kyles said...

I love your champagne glasses. They remind me of my Grandma. She has glasses and a pitcher with the same design as the front one. ... sigh... Memories of visiting and drinking homemade ginger beer from them.

bittersweet life said...

haha bratwurst is the best! nothing like a german hot dog.
I love love love that painting! it is so adorable. I want to start collecting art as well, totally changes the feel of the room.

Lady Melbourne said...

Little Waltz- it wasn't stalkerish, don't worrry! I don't know if I can make it this week, but early next year I'll be at it again!

Megan- mmmm I know, like I need more glasses in my life but I couldn't leave them behind :)

heartofpearl ♡ - Oh I totally stood in line for the doughnuts while the mustard from my hotdog dripped down my hand, but then thought of how I must have looked and slinked off :)

Apple Daisy Girl- you will love it!

WendyB- thanks doll, if anyone knows great vintage finds it's you :)

Kyles- thats so sweet!

bittersweet life- markets are a great place to start, you can often find prints for next to nix.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I will definitely be checking this out next time I'm in town!

szela said...

i love Camberwell too! i'll miss it terribly when i leave Melbourne for good :(

love your buys and i wanted to get those bracelets too but didn't have enough cash on me so definitely will get them next week.

FairyFiligree said...

Oh - how I wish I was there!!!

Arissa said...

OMG Camberwell Market looks really great~! There is just hardly markets like these in Singapore. I'd love to treasure hunt there.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again too love~!

Lost In Laneways said...

I'm going this Sunday (but to sell) and I have never been before... Can't wait now, thanks for the post!

faye said...

This market looks awesome, there are plenty of markets in Europe, but not where i live :(
Those champagne glasses look like my grandmothers wine glasses. My mother has them now and when i'm home i often use them. I'm planing to inherit them :)


Ohhh is the girl & dog print a Lou Shabner?

Ellie said...

LOL - I remember being a freezing six-year-old with my antique-selling parents... but as a teenager the clothes-ratting certainly paid off! I still have some gorgeous vintage in my wardrobe from good old camberwell :)

Miss Emmi said...

One day I'd love to go to Camberwell market, but all the times I've made plans to visit I slept in, arrgh!

Penelope said...

I love Camberwell Market! You scored some lovely things - hooray for a wall of kitschy paintings!

piglet said...

Awwwww Camberwell Market is the thing I miss the most from living in Melbourne.

Style Seduction said...

Looks awesome, would love to check it out sometime!

Clara said...

amazing pics.
i loved your blog.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I haven't been there for years but it is a fab market. I love the prints. xx

God Made Me fuNky said...

THe jewelry box is so pretty. love the checkered glasses...they remind me of similar ones my grandma used to have

Black on Black said...

i also went to the markets on sunday! i got a some good deals to!

Lady Melbourne said... do check it out, you'll love it I'm sure :)

szela- It was my last $20 but I thought it was well spent :)

FairyFiligree- yep, it's a pretty cool market!

Arissa- I know, such a pity we can't take you this weekend! We'll make up for it on Saturday.

Lost In Laneways- you'll love it, even if you are selling. So much to see and buy!

faye- how cute!

ALWAYS CHASING- I'm not sure?! I'll have to that good?

Ellie- yep, there sure are some great things to be found.

Miss Emmi- set that alarm clock my dear!

Penelope- I think you and I are the only ones excited about it, but I'm determined to make it work!!

piglet- I think I'd miss it if I moved away too :(

Style Seduction- get up and go some time, next week is the last week for 2009 though.

Clara- thank you!

Josephine Tale Peddler- ta!

God Made Me fuNky- I think thats why I like them, because of the memories they evoke.

Black on Black- mmmm, so much to be had!!


Hey Lady, Lou Shabner was a very popular pin-up artist in the 60s/70s, a little less popular than say, JH Lynch. Although i prefer his stuff, you should check out some of his pin-ups, I think you'd like them!

Some of them sell for decent prices on ebay :)