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Your last chance to vote...for me please!

This dropped into my inbox today and it was a lovely surprise I can assure you:

'You are receiving this email because your label, blog, or collection has made it to the final 3 in your category!
There is no panel of judges, so it really is people power that counts. We urge you to rally your fans, database, and friends and family for any support over the coming days.
Voting for the awards will close on the 20th of December, with winners being announced on the 23rd of December.'
Your loyal fans will be eligible to win any number of fabulous prizes from our following sponsors simply by casting their vote:
· · Mino HD Flip Video Cameras· Diva · Bras n Things · Dressed Up · Cristiana · Mavi · RetroSuperFuture · Converse · Williams · FrockShop

So I guess this is one last push to ask for your vote, I didn't realise there were prizes to be had as well!

I bought this dress at Savers but re-cut it. Sadly I didn't take a before picture for you but it was almost down to my ankles and baggy. I like the colour, the stamp on the fabric says 'Paris, France.'
I'm happy with that!



RetroJetGirl said...

I voted again! And again... and again... :P

Good luck Lady M, not that you'll need it of course! Your blog is the one that inspired me and it's very relatable to me personally. I think you've got another shiny award in the bag.. better make room on the mantelpiece :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations LM!

Looking lovely, and in flats too! I find it's so hard finding sandals that look half decent.


Lady Melbourne said...

RetroJetGirl- oh, so sweet! It's nice to know that people(or person in this case!) can relate to the blog,I think thats the best outcome I could ask for doing this every day.

angelaseeangelablog- oh tell me about it! I actually bought these almost two years ago, they cost me a bomb but they have lasted and still look great.

Ellie said...

Ah, the melbourne girls and savers! See you there ;)

mom & son said...

wow, happy to hear you're on the top 3.
i'm going to vote you now.
you deserve to win because you have an amazing ideas/style.

Penelope said...

Voted (for you, haha)! Good luck. ♥

Jodes said...

Voted! Massive good luck!

Friend in Fashion said...

Good luck! :)

lou said...

good luck lady m. I have cast my vote for you and will be wishing on your behalf! xo lou

MannequinMe said...

Congrats and good luck!

(yes voted already!)

Fashion Tidbits said...

the colour looks so good on you!

VintageFokus said...

Hey Phoebe! I voted for you numerous times. Hopefully this helps! Good Luck!

Anywho, started my own blog ...come and check it out

I would love your support!

Bernadette xoxox

Jessica said...

I voted for you! Rejoice!

Flit About said...

Done and done! Good luck:)


Well it's done!

God Made Me fuNky said...

congrats! voted once again. Love the lady pendant.