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Monday...or maybe Tuesday

Sorry about the not-so-regular posts, I've been, well, busy.

However, this week it looks as though things are getting back to normal and it seems plenty of people are back at work. Am I right?

Tuesday is a public holiday here for none other than Australia Day. I'd love to hear how you are going to spend it. I'm a little unsure as I've got a couple of bbq's to attend, but my main attraction is my friend who is doing the 'Australia Day Swim' at Brighton Pier. I feel like I should go down and support him if I manage to wake up early enough, it's quite an effort to put in considering most of us will be a/sleeping in or b/ drunk.

I'm also going to the tennis and have NO idea what to wear. Tomorrows post will be full of options I can assure you.



Jeans: Country Road
Blouse: Vintage
Scarf: London
Heels: Faith, London
Bracelets: Indian shop, Sydney Rd
Waistcoat: H&M London
Necklace: My Name Necklace



Ellie said...

You should definitely head to Brighton - thirty lovely sunny degrees! i will be dancing up a storm further down the peninsula and throwing peanuts at the yobbos (from a safe vantage point). Enjoy!

megannielsen said...

Love that top LM! I hope you have a wonderful Australia day! We obviously don't get the day off here, since we're in the US, but we'll definitely be planning a barbie and a giant pavlova! Love Australia day!!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Love the colors!

phonakins said...

enjoy the tennis! I wish I could go.

svenskaussie said...

Happy Australia Day LM. As an ex-pat Aussie living across the ditch in NZ I have to work today sadly, but I shall be flying the flag so to speak nonetheless !

Mae said...

You look amazing lady Melbourne! Happy Australia day! I will be spending it on the beach at surfers :) have fun!

lulki said...

love the outfit LM!! xxx

MissKellie said...

Have a wonderful holiday! :) I'll be celebrating by going to school, since I'm not in Australia. I'm jealous that you'll all be having such fun down under! :D

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always, love the hair!

She Wore It Well said...

Fab jeans!


kate said...

Love your jewellery!