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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday kids!
End of another week and careering towards Australia Day public holiday next week. Are you celebrating? I have 20 millions bbq's to attend but I'm not complaining!
Speaking of which I'm reading Zoe Fosters new book which Penguin sent me earlier in the week as I'm on a little sojourn at the moment. I don't normally read 'lady fiction' and I'm happy to say that this is quite a snappy little book. I'm almost finished it, and while it's not something I would normally go for has been quite entertaining whilst on holidays.
Anyhow back to the topic of bbq's, this may perhaps be a completely Australian-centric thing but I laughed out loud when I read this in Playing the Field last night:
'As per the Australian Barbeque Rule Book, the men were unable to move further than two meters from the barbeque for fear that a mystery sniper would pierce their skulls with a white-hot laser.
They stood there in their uniform of thongs or trainers, sunglasses, long baggy shorts and colourful tight T-shirts, beer in hand, muttering about footy and ribbing each other constantly.
Meanwhile, the host and her helper (in this case, Cassie's mum Jan, a rotund woman in a floaty pink-and-white kaftan, who looked like she should be writing romance novels in a boudoir somewhere instead of handing out burnt sausages) ran inside and out with food offerings, stopping only to ensure everyone had some form of liquid in their hand at all times.'

T-shirt: Hong Kong
Skirt: Camden market, London
Pearls: Primark
Heels: Urban Originals
Bag; Vintage(have had it for sale at the last couple of markets but no takers so now I'm keeping it!)



eLLy* said...

ahahaha* Funny yet so true in some ways. Love the Ts, LadyM! So far, I've seen I heart NY, Paris, and Bali. I wonder if they're going to be collector's item in the future.

Rachel said...

I love love love those shoes!

♥Lola said...

Love the skirt, it's really pretty :)

loviekai said...

adore your skirt! Tres lovely! and all your fabulous heels!! =)

Lovie (

Mirian said...

So beautiful. I liked.

Miranda said...

Love the outfit, I can't wait to stock up on skirts like that for Spring:

stilettostetico said...

AND I have to say that your majestically high arched feet / exquisitely polished toes Here tend to focus All of my "Fetish Attention" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Meg said...

OH my gosh funny because it's so true!!!

I love your heels by the way!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh, that's my friends book! Yay. I am glad you like it. xx

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Wow, you've already got Playing the Field. I'm too jealous for words (metaphorically speaking obviously) as that's one of my most anticipated 2010 releases! I loved Air Kisses and Ms Foster really write a snazzy & sassy book, can't she? :) Glad you're enjoying it! :)
ps: Gorgeous outfit too, but as a professional book geek I have a tendency to spy books first. ;)

Indigo said...

Thank you so much for the movie tickets you sent! They arrived in the mail yesterday and I so excited about finally being able to see the movie. Many thanks :)

MissKellie said...

I've been looking for some light, fun reading lately- maybe I'll give this book a try! :)

The Damsel said...

The print on your skirt is so cute, i love it. Have been admiring your vintage style for a while now, fantastic! :) damsel vintage