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Dear Autumn, when will you arrive?

I've become obsessed of late with organising my autumn/winter wardrobe, what care I for 34 degrees when there are boots to buy online?

I've started collecting pieces of what I want to wear this winter already and this little grey number is the latest edition. I've scoured the town for the perfect cropped, grey, soft leather jacket. When my search turned up nothing(and believe me, I searched) I turned to the internet and found this on Etsy. I picked it up today and couldn't be happier that it's now mine. I just can't believe that someone wanted to sell it.
I've already bought a pair of boots, a trench coat, today's jacket, Sonia Rykiel for H&M stuff is on its way, and I have my eye on the Sportsgirl boots from this post.

Today's outfit is almost head to toe vintage or second hand, and while I don't always post pictures of the tags I thought I'd just show you a more intimate look inside my wardrobe. It's not uncommon for my daily outfits to be op-shop/vintage/second hand finds, but I don't explicitly point out that I'm wearing it head to toe.
I pour my money into my accessories, choosing the thrill of the chase of beautiful labels second hand and at second hand prices. It's funny how we choose to shop, I know girls that wouldn't be caught dead in an op-shop, and then they want to know where my Max Mara skirt came from. Funny.

I received a rather exciting invitation today to speak at LMFF as part of the cultural program. Details are being worked out, but if you'd like to come along and listen to a forum on fashion and blogging I'll be posting the details here closer to the date. I'm very excited and a little nervous!

Tous Les Jour heels



Madame Bovary said...

you want auttum, and i can´t stand the winter!! i want the spring back!!
your looks is amazing, the leather jacket is so cute!

Ma princesse de pĂȘches said...

Amazing jacket, great find! I can't wait for autumn either ... all the boots and coats, scarves and gloves. *sigh* can't wait.
xx. Peach Princess ♥

Apple Daisy Girl said...

well i do agree with you summer is not so great this year and the fashion in winter is so much funner :P
love the jacket.

xx. A

Miss Bias said...

I'm loving those shoes and blouse LM. I felt a chilly wind this evening. Autumn is definitely on it's way.

Civic Homespun Market said...

those shoes are to die for!!!

these are the times i lament living in little, regional launceston rather than a big, exciting city with equally large vintage and op-shopping opportunities. what would we do without the internet???

katiecrackernuts said...

Lordy, I can't believe someone wanted to pass it on either. Good hunting. And congrats on the LMFF cultural program invite. I am sure you'll be splendid.

Grant said...

I'm also hanging out for Autumn, but you knew that already :P

Firstly, I love that amazing Jacket! It's really, really beautiful, and perfect for you darling.

Secondly... I'M GOING TO BE ATTENDING LMFF !!! I bought tickets on Saturday! AHHHHHH !!! I arrive on Wednesday and I'll be in Melbourne until Saturday afternoon - so let me know when you're speaking and I'll do my best to come and cheer you on.


Mecino said...

Great jacket :)
I too am looking forward to the colder months, I am looking forward to wearing boots and tights and have started to arrange my clothes for the cooler days ahead :)

Ellie said...

I was very excited to weAr jeans today... But now I want that jacket!

MannequinMe said...

I know it's generally very warm now but don't you think we're pretty lucky in Melbourne given the wide range of weather patterns and how quickly they change?

I'm loving the sun and warmth at the moment!

pepperandbaxter said...

What a beautiful jacket!
I too am eagerly awaiting the arrival of winter and the opportunity to wear all my new pieces.
I have ankle boots ready to go but unfortunately it will be 40 degrees in Perth this week.
It will come soon!

Sleekit said...

Is that the same brand Wilsons that do those lovely leather purses??

Sleekit x

E. Driscoll said...

I can't wait for winter either. I've been buying up plaid wool skirts and 50s cashmere knits like there's no tomorrow and now am waiting longingly to wear them.

If only Australia's weather would cool down!

svenskaussie said...

Me too ! I've already run out and purchased most of my winter wardrobe in a fit of excitment and now can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it. Bring on autumn. PS Fab jacket !

♥Lola said...

Love the jacket! That's wonderful that you have been invited to speak at LMFF :)

The Damsel said...

I agree! Just got back from an NZ holiday and it was so lovely to layer! Found the most amazing vintage black velvet/white lace trim/Chanel-esque jacket, it would really suit your style :)

esme and the lane way said...

Great things, lovely :) And congratulations on the speaking, that's so exciting!

Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

oh i love the wilsows logo!

Milla Fox: Full-time mum, part-time stylette with a passion for fashion who loves to shop said...

Congrats on LMFF LM, how exciting. And don't be nervous, just think of it as one big TV blog LOL! If I can, I'll definitely come along to support you, and bring a couple of friends. Love those shoes.

darlingdee said...

This look is amazing. It is so chic! I love the jacket.

You inspired me to pop into Savers in Brunswick. Amazing little gems to find!