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Trying to stay dry on the edge of a storm

I took this photo right before the storm hit Melbourne, on my way home from town. I don't normally walk down the street with a book in my hand, but it just looked so good against the wrapping paper for my roses, I couldn't resist.

The flowers are from Flinders St, I buy most of my flowers there on my way home or on my way somewhere because they are convenient and cheap. $7.50 for a bunch of roses is pretty good value if you ask me. I have fresh flowers in the house every week in different spots, I think it brings the outside indoors, plus it just gives me so much joy to look at them.

Oh and thank you for your comments on whether or not I should keep my shoulder pads from the previous post, some of your comments made me almost fall off my chair laughing and I've decided to publish a few right here.

Bucca said...
If I saw you out and about I would half expect you to stalk across the room and throw a drink in someone's face before staring into the distance with a vacant expression lol

Jetsetting Joyce said...
Take them out, quick! You'll lose your peripheral vision :)

katiecrackernuts said...
I also have a jacket with shoulder pads to rival that. Op shop number and man, if you got tired, you could just lean your head to the left or right and have a snooze. Comfy and stylish.

Blouse: I bought it on the island of Burano, off Venice
Skirt: Camden maket, London
Heels: Verali
Bag: Value City Savers



♥Lola said...

I love this blouse, it looks gorgeous with the skirt :) Love Bucca's comment!

Anonymous said...

You're right. The book does look good. As does the outfit. I'm loving those shoes, they are just so perfect.

Indigo said...

The book looks great with the flowes! I love buying flowers for the house. They are such a luxury

emma said...

the flower guy's at flinders street station are always such great value. i always make sure i have some change in my pocket to buy something

MannequinMe said...

hahahaha @ Jetsetting Joyce. You look beautiful as always. I too share your love for flowers! Peonies are my favourite!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

great outfit, love the pop of orange!
We were in Burano years ago...and I have a lovely lace handmade doily from a village local who asked my husband and I to push her (she was in a wheelchair) to the local graveyard.
It was Sunday the day we visited, and she wanted to pay her respects to her late husband. She was most insistent we take the lace she had made as 'payment'.
We almost missed the boat back to Venice, but I have very fond memories of that day.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag and of course the shoes

Tara said...

Haha, Bucca's comment is the best! Hope you are finding some way to keep dry in the storms Lady Melbourne! x

The right side of 40 said...
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The right side of 40 said...

I love your blog! There's a gift for you on mine...

Tuxedo Black Cashmere Pink said...

Lady Melbourne, Hi!
You look gorgeous...oh I forgot to mention how much I loved the front cover of Peppermint Mag - you lucky thing!

esme and the lane way said...

Lovely. I agree about the book and wrapping, too.

Brook said...

love the nude heels! and the skirt!

The Lion & The Unicorn said...

love those penguin paperbacks! cute photo

Anonymous said...

I think Bucca's comment is brilliant - and exactly the reason you should keep the shoulder pads in! Nothing like a little Dynasty-style drama to get the party going.

I really like this look for you Lady M. Very chic and effortlessly cool.


Kate @ Tres Lola said...

I love that you've accessorised with a book <3

Lady Melbourne said...

♥Lola- I know, it was hilarious!!

mayasalazar- gosh I can't stop wearing them, who knew nude shoes went with my ENTIRE wardrobe?!?!?

Indigo- I know, I swear I didn't plan it but it just seemed so perfect :)

emma- I know right? And it's perfect because often you only need change.

MannequinMe- Oh, they're my second fav flowers!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden- that is the sweetest story!! I have my own stories from my time there, I never wanted to leave. One of my favourite places on earth. Thanks for sharing :)

Pina Colada Kisses- The bag was only $7, I can hardly believe it!

Tara- she's a funny gal!

The right side of 40- thanks, I'll check it out!

Tuxedo Black Cashmere Pink- thanks so much!

esme and the lane way- I have no doubt you would have noticed!

Brook- yay for nude heels!

The Lion & The Unicorn- and so cheap!

Grant- you are sweet and I loved your post with pics of our day out too :)

Kate @ Tres Lola- someone noticed!! Its a little wierd but I pretty much always have a book with me.