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And so it begins: Spirit of the Black Dress Launch @ Georges

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival hasn't officially begun, but there have been parades, openings and parties almost every night this week.

Spirit of the Black Dress launch was no exception, and what a tidy little party it was. Tullia Jack put together an amazing event but the highlight and kudos has to go to the designers who once again have showed that there is a plethora of young design Australian talent.

It was nearly impossible to get near all of them, but the few that I spoke to were brimming with excitement at being involved with an event that will no doubt be a fixture of LMFF's calendar for years to come.

In a similar vein to the Oak off Chapel launch last week, I'm really proud to present the designers and finalists in this competition as no doubt they are what you will be seeing on the catwalks and clothing racks any day now.
Are you on the list?
Myself and Tullia Jack, Project Director

Melissa Mahony dress

Divine Kyra from Pybus PR. Boho done correctly.
Me with a Michelle Czech dress. This unbelievable dress was made from two pure wool jumpers Michelle found at Savers in Dandenong. Amazing.
Marita & Joe Saba, competition judge
Justin, myself and Rebecca from Bam Brands.

How insanely divine are these sisters? Love.

Designer Alexis Belcher with her dress.

Stylist Philip Boon and I.



♥Lola said...

I love your outfit, the necklaces are really pretty :)

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Wow! I saw a lot of the same faces out tonight at the Trimapee event. Shame we did not run into each other! Looking lovely as always xo

Rosie Unknown said...

An entire event dedicated to black dresses? Amazing! Looks like it was a ton of fun.

FairyFiligree said...

Seems like it was a fantastic event - wish I was there! All so many little black dresses too....

Krista said...

Looks like alot of fun! The detail and pleating on the Melissa Mahony dress is amazing.

Rusty Hoe said...

Love love Love the Melissa Mahony dress. Gorgeous construction with a flare for the dramatic with the collar.

phonakins said...

Gorgeous as ever! :)

Closet said...

Oh it looks like it was a lot of fun xxx

Liya said...

i've only just started following your blog.. it's great to see what Melbourne has to offer! good luck xx

Anonymous said...

The Melissa Mahony dress is AMAZING.

And how cute is Philip Boon? *dies*

I can't wait to read the rest of your coverage for LMFF darling.


Flit About said...

I haven't heard of her before, but Michelle Czech is definitely on my "note to self" now. That dress is so cool, I can't believe it was to jumpers, she sure is talented. I love the other black dress as well, from Melissa Mahoney.
Looks like a fun event!

Anonymous said...

That Melissa Mahony dress is gorgeous. Does she have any stockists yet?

RoAmyLive said...

the event looked wonderful -- and you looked great as usual!

Black said...

Love all the photos, everyone is so beautiful

sarah said...

Oooh had wondered if i'd see the twin to this photo pop up somewhere:

Hope you had a lovely time gallivanting around at LMFF LM.