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Ahoy! Is that Chanel you're wearing?!

We are having such divine weather here at the moment that I'm trying to ride my bike about as much as possible.

I thought it was important to present photos not of the heels I wear but the ballet flats I ride around in because lets face it, riding in heels is a/near impossible and b/just plain stupid.
Also on riding, a friend of mine who is also a lady rider was shocked to find out that I don't have a name for my bike. Do you have a name for your bike? I felt left out of some secret club when I found out.

I found these Country Road woolen pants when I was out on a shoot two weeks ago at the Salvo's in Erol St Nth Melbourne. They have the old school Country Road tag on so you know they're goodun's from the 80s. I've worn them cuffed but mid winter they should be long and lean and I can't wait to wear them!

Vintage silk blouse: I don't remember the name of the shop.
Hounds tooth pants: Original Country Road
Earrings: Op-shop
Ballet flats: Jadd
Heels: Urban Original
Leather bag: By brother bought it for me in Florence.



festival road said...

Hi Phoebe,
Your use of light is spectacular. Also spied you at the LMFF Bazaar show, looking tres chic in your vintage jacket and pencil black skirt. Loved the shoes too, are they Peep Toe?
HBTN Style

Oh Dear Charlotte said...

beautiful!! crazy weather in perth we had an insane hail storm today!!!

♥Lola said...

I love your bike, where did you purchase it?

Tink in My Closet said...

Phoebe. You look fabulous! You make bike riding look like a fine artx

B. said...

Of course my bike does have a name. Actually it`s a motobike and `she` is called Valentina (paying a homage to great Valentino... not the fashion designer but the motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi). Well, I am in Italy where we all ride motorbikes or vespas but I do not think people give them a name.
Great post, Lady M!

Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

I wouldn't dare dream of giving you style advice but if I wore this, I'd wear it with a thin black belt.

Rusty Hoe said...

I so wish I'd keep a lot of my gear from the 80s. I swear I had those pants. You look gorgeous as per usual.

esme and the lane way said...

Love your outfit! But I 100% disagree with you abut riding in heels: I do it all the time! :D And am safety conscious Sunday school-biddy rider in style, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must name your bike! My bike is royal blue and her name is Duffy. Go figure.

Indigo said...

Loving the Country Road pants!

Anonymous said...

I named my bike Cooper. I just think it's a cool name. :)
here's Cooper:

svenskaussie said...

Those trousers are fantastic, the shape is great on you and they look perfect with the little ballet flats.

georgina said...

love the pants!

B. said...

My bike most certainly has a name...Ye olde Sprinter! She's seasoned but fast; she's electric blue and I love her!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

I love your houndstooth trousers. my fiance is building me a bike at the moment, due to be finished Thursday...I better start thinking of a name!

Lady Melbourne said...

festival road- aw thanks, I must look mad to the neighbours always running around 'chasing' the light! A couple people said they spotted me actually! :)

Oh Dear Charlotte- I've heard about your weather!

♥Lola- I bought it from a friend of the family, it was sitting her in garage and cost me $75. True story!

Tink in My Closet- ha ha, I do love my bike!

B.- thats a really pretty name :)

Brigitta Ryan {duo}- I am always up for style advice don't worry! Now you mention it, I think it would look good too. Next time I wear the pants I'll try it. Thanks!

Rusty Hoe- ha ha ha, I think that all the time when I am op-shopping!

esme and the lane way- I know- you've told me you do!! I don't know how you do are so gorgeous, didn't mean to insinuate that you are stupid. Sorry!

-V- all these cool names!

Indigo- thanks!

ladysparrow29- that is a perfect name for a bike.

svenskaussie- aw thanks!

georgina- me too!

B.- electric blue- so cool!

Mystery Flight Vintage- ultimate in luxury- your very own custom made bike! Drooling!

darlingdee said...

I love the bike. It's adorable!


The Sequin Cat said...

I wear heels most days and ride my bike every day! No problem there.

eg Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Bucca said...

love the simplicity of this outfit! wow no I don't have a name for my bike, poor thing has been in the shed a while lol might have to drag her out :)

Closet said...

Fabulous outfit Lady M xxx