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Now that the dust has settled, some thank you's...

Last week I had a couple of people help me out with my wardrobe and on the communications front.

Jude's fabulous necklace caused so much chatter and conversation where ever I wore it- some people even felt compelled to touch it. A little disconcerting to say the least, but I can understand it as he has made it by hand and the craft work is incredible.
I felt honoured that he lent me something so special, it may just be for sale soon if you fancy it yourself.

Telstra sent me their latest HTC HD2 phone that is so exclusive it has only just been released. I had requested something to help me get onto twitter so I was a little apprehensive when it was pushed in front of me.

Over coffee the delightful ladies from Telstra assured me that even though I'd missed the smart phone band wagon it wouldn't take me long to catch up, and soon enough I had discovered why they call them 'crackberries.'

It was put to the test the first night of fashion week when I got lost in the Docklands. Fretfully staring at my phone willing it to transform into Aladdin's lamp complete with genie, I spied a 'Where Is' application.
A map appeared with my exact location within seconds, and then asked me where I wanted to go from there. I wondered then what else this magic machinery could do- my laundry? Deliver dinner? World peace?

I twittered away all week, uploaded photos and even managed to blog from the device- something I didn't know was even possible. I have just loved using the phone and may just try and catch that band wagon before it rolls out of town. It made my coverage so easy and I felt quite the fash hag sitting front row with notebook and HTC in hand.

Eva from My Sweet Muse sent me a box of accessories to use for the week and they complemented everything that I wore. It arrived with each piece individually gift wrapped- a gal after my own heart! She very kindly included a pair of earrings for me to keep and I can't wait to wear them to a wedding I have coming up.
I am now coveting this garden of accessory delights necklace on her website.

All of these items have been loaned and are being returned this week. So you know I have not received any money to talk about or wear these products, they have kindly been lent for me to use just for fashion week.

Thank you for getting me through the week!



Ms. Chyme said...

Newly found blog... I realy like it. Im now a follower.

Kahani said...

Ooh sounds like you had fun and you looked lovely. Quick question, and sorry to be pedantic but it's bugging me. Did My Sweet Muse pay compliments to you on what you wore, or did the accessories they sent complement your outfits?

Lady Melbourne said...

Ms.Chyme- thank you so much!

Kahani- thanks for picking me up on that, I did mean complemented! Have changed it.x

Fashion Tidbits said...

it's an awesome necklace!

Dusk said...

That necklace is fantastic. As is that phone! And oh my word! 'My Sweet Muse' is beautiful!!

Grant said...

I do love that necklace - very bold indeed.

I have a Blogging question to ask you - did you find it difficult to upload images to your posts from your Phone? As yet I have not been able to figure out how to do this on my N97 Mini...

Glad you can relax a little now that LMFF is done and dusted.


Samantha said...

I'm a HUGE fan of

I get asked about my neck piece constantly. Yesterday, in San Francisco (i'm a Melbournite on holidays) the production designer of '24' stopped me to take photos!

Keep up the good work!