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Beautiful imagery: Zetta Florence

It's not something I shout from the rooftops, but I love paper products, stationary and books. With that in mind I was shopping today for new thank-you cards and notepaper, but ended up buying this de-lovely print from Zetta Florence.
I'm putting together a 'wall' at the moment of prints, illustrations and kitschy paintings I've been collecting. Not that I have a spare wall, so everything is sitting in a pile until I find the right spot for it all.
If there are any illustrators of note you think I should check out let me know, or anything else that might sit nicely in a wall of paintings and mirrors. I was twittering today about where to find gorgeous stationary so thank you kindly for your suggestions, looks like I have plenty of happy shopping hours ahead of me!
Vintage silk blouse: I honestly can't remember where I bought it....sorry!
Leather skirt: Value City Savers
Heels: Verali
Cuffs: Made by me except for the spikes, that is from Bugis St market in Singapore
Watch: His Lordships.....ssssshhhhhh!



♥Lola said...

Love the idea of an illustration wall! The bird print is gorgeous :)

Rusty Hoe said...

I brought a beautiful calender last year with Italian flower prints from the 1700s. It was printed on beautiful quality paper. Cost me an arm and a leg as far as calenders go but gave me 12 gorgeous prints and gave me a little recycling buzz.

The same company does one with birds from a Victorian ornithological tome and vintage Japanese wood cut prints plus others. I think it was Cavallini & Co.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am amazingly in love with those heels Lady M!!!

The print is really cute - I have some wrapping paper with a similar print, but of different breeds of cats :3


Alice said...

I've never commented, but when you asked for illustrators, I wanted to suggest some fashion illustrators I love:

Ruben Toledo - whimsy and surrealism. Full of personality, youthfulness, colour.

David Downton - sophistication. You remember he did the 50th anniversary covers of Cate Blanchett for Vogue?

And some Manolo Blahnik shoe sketches never hurt the eye, but just don't go overboard haha!

If you want to take a look at their work, you can see it at my blog:

I just wrote a post with some pictures. Unfortunately, you'd have to settle for prints though!

Anonymous said...

oh I love that pretty.
and your leather skirt is amazing...such a nice contrast with the pearls and blouse!

FairyFiligree said...

Old paper drawings are so beautiful - I thoroughly agree with you. Sometimes you can find the loveliest ones on ebay, usually going for a song. They needn't be by anybody wellknown either - the most anonymous drawings are usually the most intriguing of all.

Sarah said...

Hi Lady Melbourne, I run a web store from Perth which sells gorgeous prints from female illustrators from around the world. Check it out here:

Love your blog, read it everyday!


Rosie Unknown said...

That print it beautiful! Your blouse is pretty amazing too.

Mekinking said...

you look fabulous! and paper stuff - like it too, my only problem is that once I have some beautiful notepaper I don't want to waste on stupid notes - a vicious circle.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

you are always SO CLASSY! lovely bracelets ladyy,

jess s//


great outfit love the shoes :)

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Love Zetta Florence! They stock European vintage maps of Rome, Paris, London etc printed on thick paper which make the most beautiful wrapping paper when tied with twine or ribbon.

Jetsetting Joyce

Anthea said...

I don't have any paper suggestions for you! Sorry! The stationery in Japan is crazy. I recently bought envelopes shaped like sunglasses with colored paper to go inside! Like I said, Crazy! Love your pumps!

theDUSKzone said...

Oh dear God. I cannot get past the shoes.
Droolworthy, divine, lust-have and I now I just sound like a pervert...!!

Zanita said...

Your style is so elegant - and so very YOU. What I'm loving about the current show seasons at the moment, these of classical notions of feminine shape, all could be taking references from your blog. Enjoying your genius!

Erin said...

They are the prettiest bracelets! I just happened upon your blog and I love it! Have been reading through all your posts and they're all so fashionable...will defintily be back!

Love love love,



Original Sophie said...

I love stationary too and paper products too! Not sure of any brands/designers though...I used to know all the good shops in Tassie (not that hard) but now I've moved over to Melb I need to start the hunt again. Loving your outfit and cuffs!


Lady Melbourne said...

♥Lola- I know, I can't wait to put it all together :)

Rusty Hoe I think you are right about Cavallini & Co, they sell it at Zetta Florence. I have thank you cards by them, they are just gorgeous. I can just imagine how beautiful your prints must be!

Grant- mmmm, sounds gorge!

Alice- thanks so much Alice, I will check out your blog. I love David Downton.

my bat lightning heart- thanks, I do love my leather skirt, so glad I bought it!

FairyFiligree- Oh I agree, I'm not neccessarily looking for pricey well known pieces, they just have to be gorgeous!

Sarah- thanks so much, I'll def check it out!!

Rosie Unknown- I know, just wish I could remember where I bought it!!

Mekinking- I know how you feel! But I do love the response I get when I send people stuff and they just love the paper/stationary. It's really satisfying.

Hippie Frou Frou- aw thanks doll, right back at ya!


Jetsetting Joyce- I spied those while I was there!

Anthea- whoa, what I wouldn't give to get my hands on that stationary of yours!!

theDUSKzone- ha haha, you aren't the first, don't worry!

Zanita- big snaps coming from such a stylish gal. Thanks doll!

Erin- thanks Erin, I'm really glad you like it :)

Original Sophie- thanks Sophie, it doesn't have to be a shop, it can be anything related. You are sweet for reading!