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Boho Day Two

Ok, ok, ok, forgive me the take away coffee but I couldn't help myself. I kid you not every google image search I've done with 'boho' in the title has produced at least one photo of an LA starlet dressed head to toe in boho clutching a take away coffee. Hilarious!

Do they just walk around LA with coffee cups? Do they drink that much coffee? What kind of coffee? These questions need answers.
Back to the task at hand, I took note that someone mentioned brown seemed more boho than black in relation to yesterdays outfit. So with that in mind I put this together and I am amazed that apart from the dress, I actually own everything else in I'm wearing. I just never wear it like this, and probably never will again because I don't really feel that comfortable.
It's all part of the challenge and I am enjoying it, but I miss my pearls!
Scarf: Auntie Joan
Dress: Borrowed from a friend
Boots: Sense Diffusion
Necklaces: Collected over the years from my travels
Bag: Oraton 'Fortuna' bag
Belt: Second hand
Ring: Dotti



Oh, Natalie.. said...

You gutsy lady! Of course, you pull it off. In fact if it weren't for being a reader of your blog for a while, I'd think this was, 'you'. Bravo.

Re. coffee/Olsens - friend who lived in NYC for 8 months tells me that those enormous starbucks coffees taste like water over there - brown water, so that's why they're so huge. You need that much to get any trace of caffeine into you. Apparently.

Watching with interest..
Nat x

Goldilox said...

Bravo Lady M, i actually like you in Boho

Ellie said...

Maybe they're chai latte?! Anyway, kudos for the trying out... Brave, brave woman!

Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

I'm lovin this!
Got the coffee cup craziness, though you need a bigger one. Those starlets seem to have the TALLEST cups you've ever seen.
Can't wait for the next 3 days!

MnM said...

I didn't think you could top yesterdays but I was wrong! You look devine lil lady- I think you should start doing a bit of work as personal stylist- this week has proven that you have a real eye for style regardless of trends and fashion.


MnM said...

I didn't think you could top yesterdays but I was wrong! You look devine lil lady- I think you should start doing a bit of work as personal stylist- this week has proven that you have a real eye for style regardless of trends and fashion.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that's very different! I probably wouldn't recognise you in the st if I saw you! But it works you know?


Tara said...

Wow, so weird to see you in boho! Not necessarily a bad thing though, I think you look great! I agree with the comment above, you have a great eye for trends :)

Miss Violet Bell said...

I really like this look :) the dress is gorgeous and that is right about brown being more 'boho' than black. Good luck for the rest of the week!

Miss Violet Bell xx

A Melbourne Girl said...

I love it! Great look...wouldn't want to wear it every day, but once in a while, why not?

Lady Smaggle said...

Isn't it funny you can feel 'uncomfortable' in a style that is considered so comfortable? I know exactly what mean about the uncomfortable feeling - I get it every time I wear pants, shorts, or jeans. I'm really enjoying this series. I think you've done a great job on both days so far and I'm really looking forward to the rest of them.


amelia said...

Flowy hair... check. Leather accessories... check. Skinny decaf LA drainwater, I mean coffee... check. Ahh Lady M, I couldn't help but giggle. Nicole Richie better watch her faux ho back! :D Amelia xxx

Vintagesuburbia said...

Dear LM, I agree with everyone else, you look great (although its not strictly 'you'). Its not a look I personally wear (I am too short for long maxi dresses for a start) but is very ethereal and hippy which is nice.
Looking forward to the next few days!

Jessa Lee said...

I love the booties. Can't wait to see the rest of your Bohol week :)

Anonymous said...

Boho makes me sad :"(

I think that this is a marvelous idea, and I applaude you endlessly for taking up the challenge, but yeah, I'm glad that this sin't something that you're considering making permenant.

That said, I would like to adopt myself an Olsen Twin, to follow me around, always with an oversized coffee, telling me that we should go for sushi...


georgina said...

haha, i'm the same about not being comfortable in boho style outfits, but your giving me some good suggestions!

Julie said...

I think this is very feminine and looks great on you. I much prefer it over yesterdays look.

darlingdee said...

You look fabulous!

I love the coffee cup, you totally made me laugh out loud. It is very true, this is a key ingredient in a Boho shot!


Princess of many sorts. said...

I have to don´t look all that awful to me:)

I like the style...:)

Have a nice day - lady M - and i really love your Friday keep on making them:)


Miss J said...

"Lady M this post reminds me of a celebrity a good way. You look like a celebrity.. all the photos are missing are comments....

"The stylish Lady M spotted this morning leaving Hundsons. We're loving this new boho look Lady M!!"


Miss J

Emilys Vs The World said...

Hey this looks fantastic! The dress and the boots are great! And the jewels are dead on, OTT bling is def boho! Great work can't wait to see more! I would love to see you try boho glamour (for instance Kate Hudson on red carpet)
I have a theory about the coffee cups, they are empty and they only venture out with them to get their pap shot for the day! xoxo em

Cotton Socks said...

the coffee has to be the large size!
i think u still look fab in boho!
i am often seen with coffee cup in hand.
soy latte usually.
i LOVE love love coffee.
prefer coffee than food.
i am awaiting my yellow teeth ( eww)

Anonymous said...

Oh totally cute outfit for on the go

Silverbeige said...

Oho, this combo fits to you so much!!! Totaly powerful, keep it and reapeat it!!

Rusty Hoe said...

Brown is definitely more boho but I still think the black and white made it yours and really with any style it's about finding your place in it and making it yours.

Love your dedication to this challenge.

Meldee said...

Haha I love the coffee in your hand. And the entire look, the dreamy eyes--gorgeous!