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An education: Fleurage Perfumery Melbourne

'Scent is so primal it is what drives us and whether we realise, we are searching for scents all the time. The primal urge is linked to our emotions.'

As we sat down over a cup of tea served in the most delightful art deco tea cups, director and perfumer of Fleurage Emma Leah tells me about her 15 year journey to create Melbourne's only perfumery.

I won't proclaim to be the first person to discover Fleurage, but Emma and her partner Rob don't exactly shout from the rooftops its existence. It is niche process where people discover scent, rather than it being forced upon them by mass marketing campaigns that are duplicated the world over. Fleurage is 100% pure botanical fragrances.

The perfume and derivative lines are produced on site in Prahran at Fleurage's art deco inspired head quarters- it is truly worth a look if you are simply interested in being surrounded by beautiful things all day.

I felt honoured that Emma and Rob indulged me for two and a half hours, it was one of the most beautiful spaces I've been to with not a single detail overlooked. They truly are people for whom scent is a passion and you can see that right down to the art deco inspired bottles and packaging.
Simply beautiful.

Beautiful art deco tea cups, the smallest details are not over looked at Fleurage.

Soaps to compliment the perfume.
Emma, me and Rob infront of their perfume range.

Checking out my gift bag at home, deeeeelightful!

Further reading:

'The Perfect Scent: A year inside the perfume industry,' Chandler Burr

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Ellie said...

Decadent beauty - I'd love to commission my own scent one day!

Oh, Natalie.. said...

This is such a beautiful post, & Emma looks a little like Therese Rawsthorne (compliment in my books).

Katie said...

Their shop used to be on my street, but they moved some time last year. Such beautiful things! xx

Princess of many sorts. said...

I got such a great feeling from that post...and the tea cups absolutely to die for:)

If i am ever in Melbourne i will check it out:)

Good writing!

Rusty Hoe said...

Beautiful scents and art deco does it get any better. Gorgeous photos. I may have to nick into Prahran this weekend.

Rusty Hoe said...

Beautiful scents and art deco does it get any better. Gorgeous photos. I may have to nick into Prahran this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely!
I must check them out next time I am in Melbourne.
I love choosing a scent rather than being sucked in by a brand.
Thanks for sharing.

Madame Bovary said...

this post is lovely, and the decoration of the place so vintage!

Rosie Unknown said...

I've never been into perfume, but that shop looks amazing!

Faux Fuchsia said...

what a beautiful shop! The bottle are divine. Love your blog, you always look so elegant.

esme and the lane way said...

It looks lovely there, I must visit. I'll need a new perfume soon.

Jessa Lee said...

so lovely. The teacup is beautiful!!
gorgeous pictures

Daydream Lily said...

this shop looks beautiful!! Ill have to visit next time Im in the area.

B. said...

What scent did you get?

Miss Emmi said...

wow, they look so gorgeous! I may have to buy one just for the darling bottle!

Anonymous said...

Fleurage looks lovely have you been to Peony? In Hawthorn? You'd love it!


Anonymous said...

OK, so now I need to find time to fit a visit to this amazing store into my LMFF trip to Melbourne.

Thanks Lady M, like I don't have enough on my plate already!



theDUSKzone said...

Gorgeous photos Lady M! So vivid...I swear I can smell les parfums!! does 'Bimbette' smell like??