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L'Oreal Paris Runway 2 & 3: Day Two

Day two of LMFF and here I have managed to salvage my photos from the large, bald, head in most of my photos as mentioned previously.
As there is no room to sit in the media riser, I have some pretty good court side seats but it means by photos aren't as good. As with my coverage and write ups, you can see it all at Melbourne Street Fashion every day this week.
Romance was Born



L'Oreal Paris Runway 3 presented by Madison
Bertie Blackman opened the show with 'Byrds of Prey'

Sea of Ghosts, Hayley and moi. I like this picture, I think it perfectly illustrates our unique styles.



Jordan said...

I love the first dress!
And the picture of all you three girls is great.
Looks like so much fun!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Very sweet. I thought you were on your phone for these! :P

Rusty Hoe said...

Wish I had the legs to wear those dresses.

theDUSKzone said...

Oh I love the first 2 dresses! Alas only a 6' size 6 can carry those shoulder ruffles. 'Romance Was Born' may be the 2nd coming but they're not exactly "for the people"! The 2nd dress is rather divine though.

I also love that Antipodium megascarf.

You 3 look very lovely. I just discovered 'Sea of Ghosts' and Hayley's blogs so I actually recognised them! I love your hair Lady Melbourne.
Just one question...with all that colour and opulence on the catwalk, why were 3 of the premier bloggers of Australia wearing demure shades??

She Wore It Well said...

Lovely to meet you last night dear! I'm sure we'll run into each other over the next few days too


Anonymous said...

Look the purple RWB dress, Anna wore it didn't she?
I love those nude pumps on you!


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Ahaha psh theDUSKzone are you kidding?! I was in WHITE! Demure to some but a pretty epic departure for me! Thanks for reading!! xo

Krista said...

Love love love the red Romance was born dress...and you're looking perfectly ladylike as always : )

theDUSKzone said...

To Alicia - Sea of Ghosts:

Sorry hon! I had a thorough look through your site and I understand now! White is your equivalent of neutrals for me!

Okay, for me you all look demure (but that's because I drench myself in a rainbow everyday) but extremely stunning and as Lady Melbourne says, that photo is a fabulous representation of each individual's style.



Evita Cassidy said...

Romance was born really does it for me!