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Well hello third row....

I got offered a very covetable seat tonight but opted or the third row as it was spaced back and elevated. I hoped that would mean my photos would be better but a rather large, bald man sat in front of me so my plan was shot to the proverbial when I noticed a shiny bald head appearing in all my shots.

Lesson: If you get offered the good seats, take them.

Vintage top
Max Mara Skirt
Brooches by My Sweet Muse



Fashion Tidbits said...

bugger! that's too bad, i would have liked to have seen more pics :)

prettyoungthing said...

Ohhhh, GORGEOUS brooches! I knew you'd rock them!! Bugger about the front row...but can't wait to see more pics!! xoxo

Sleekit said...

I can live with a shiny bald head, show us your shots lady

Sleekit x

julaberry said...

You look like you belong in the front row! Esp. with those lovely jewels.

B. said...

Lesson learned...but I still wanna see these snaps!

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Oh dear this made me laugh.

I often have to ask friends to move their elbows, hands, phones, wallets from the table so that I can shoot the food - but it's pretty hard to ask a large bald man to take his head somewhere else.

Jetsetting Joyce