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On my desk

I am often asked where I got this bag, and where it can be purchased. It is quite special so I thought I'd show you some detailed shots.
My brother bought it for me on his travels at a market in Florence, Italy. I believe it ended up costing me the unbelievable sum of $80AUS. It's leather, I don't think that it's real ostrich skin but who would know.
I'd bought this bag quite possibly from the same market when I was there in 2006 so when I heard he was visiting I implored him to drop EVERYTHING and find me another bag. He did and I was thrilled to find out that the prices had barely changed.

I look at these little tins every day as they sit on my desk so I thought it was apt that I share pictures also.
As I've mentioned before I buy my flowers from the florist at Flinders St station, generally when I am on my way home from somewhere. I have flowers every week in the house, they make me so happy.
The colour combination was purely subconscious but as I am pedantic about colours matching I'm not entirely surprised they have ended up in a little cluster.
I posted about the French pastilles at Christmas, they are from Cote Provence in Rathdown St and the flavour is 'Violette.' Just gorgeous.
My other little trinkets are Magnolia Eau de Toilette from L'Occitane, MOR Lip Delight in 'Violetta' (clearly I like violets!) and Perfumeria Gal balm in 'Fraise.' I have it in violet flavour, just not sitting on my desk.



Sophie said...

How beautiful are those tins? I have the Perfumia one also and the MOR lip delight in marshmallow...looking at them and smelling them brightens my day!

Lady Melbourne said...

How funny, sometimes when I have writers block I open up one of the tins and the perfume just transports me. I thought I was a little strange but glad to know others out there do the same!!

mel said...

such an amazing bag! love it, and mor products are heaven...fab photos

om said...

I love bourgeois cosmetics for just the same reason :)

Nicole said...

Good work on the bag, LM - I can't be sure without looking it but from here it looks like real ostrich. In any case, you can tell it's high quality and in beautiful condition.

Anonymous said...

yum...perfume & flowers!

darlingdee said...

Beautiful. I love that little florist in flinders street, it's so cute. When I was a teenager I use to pick up a bunch on my way home from the orthodontist. Hah, memories.

Fabulous post.


Ofelia said...

It's a beautiful bag!!!!
Can you give us the exact address? I'm planning to travel there in june!!!

Miss Madeline said...

a beautiful bag!

mom & son said...

I love that bag too!
You have awesome blog, btw!

Glamour Bbey. said...

I love that bag! I think I have a look a like :D

Cathy Mena said...

Very nice bag & flowers.....I liked it very much.
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MarchMusings said...

I was in Melbourne mid-Feb. Wish I'd seen your blog before I visited.
I'm from Auckland, NZ so found a lot of similarities to your city-which I loved.
I just started a blog called StyleNuggets on Blogger,now trying to find my way through a lot of stuff.

Rusty Hoe said...

Gorgeous bag very timeless. Just goes to show that style is not all about flashy boutiques and big dollars. I love that you share where all your clothes/accessories come from. Those stories sometimes make the item.

I love L'Occitane and have a number of their lovely bottles and jars on my bathroom shelf and gorgeous Shea butter hand lotion by my bed. They are my little bit of pampering. Must say I do also love my Sohum AmberNoir creme royal. It smells like 1950's glamour to me, no idea why.

ana b. said...

MOR's packaging is always so stunning. And like you I'm a big fan of spending the money to have fresh flowers in the house every week - it's a piece of luxury every day!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, when we met for Brunch the other day I kept stealing sneaky glances at the bag. I'm a huge fan of Ostrich leather and the bag looks so incredibly well made - It has kicked the green-eyed-monster into life for me :P

I do love violet as a flavour/scent too; presently looking for a men's cologne that utalises this gentle flower.


Bronwyn said...

Nothing like our senses are there girls - sight, taste, smell and touch. I have been getting the most beautiful David Austin roses that I place next to my bed...delicious.

Neeed to also have a look at some DEVINE products that I have only been able to get directly from USA - brand called Lollia! Bubblebath bottles are like no other and soaps make for the best bath (with candles, champers surrounding one also :) )

Got them from (also on facebook)..... have a sqiz!