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Beautiful Objects

I was given these delightful prints for my birthday recently by my dear friend over at Lulki. Knowing that I love illustration she gave me the bathing suit beauty from Truth be Told and the other print was $5 at a garage sale. She knows I love my 'Chinese Lady' print and thought this was a perfect edition.

And it is!

EDIT: It seems you all like the table and phone. It's a wall decal that I bought at a cheap junky shop for $3. I've had to use invisible tape to keep it on the wall, but it looks pretty good!



Blue Rose Concepts said...

love your coffee table and phone :) is it from Blik?

Rusty Hoe said...

Lovely prints though I will admit to coveting your phone :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bathing suit beauty! That's a gorgeous print. But the phone and coffee table is magnificent! :)

Louise said...

Yep, the phone is pretty darn cool. I saw an antique pink phone recently which I desperately want, but I'm afraid the hubbie will think I'm mad if I bring it home.

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

I adore both prints, such thoughtful gifts.

The Cupcake Stand said...

i simply love paintings! $5...what a steal!!!