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Win a Singapore Fashion getaway

So I've twittered about it but haven't officially anounced that I'm off to Singapore for the Asia Fashion Exchange at the end of April.
I'm excited and honoured to be invited to attend such a huge event on the Asian fashion calendar.
I'll be blogging, tweeting and generally bringing you front row and behind the scenes action from a jam packed schedule.

As I've come on board at the last minute I can only bring you this competition that ends TODAY, but it's a super easy way for you to join me and win an all expenses paid trip to Asia Fashion Exchange.

Submit your winning look now. Your ticket to a fashion vacation in Singapore is just a photo away!



婷妏JereM_Wacker1217 said...


The Frockette said...

That sounds fabulous. Singapore fashion...lucky you!
I just entered then. Thanks for the heads up on the competition. x

Kahani said...

Hey Lady M,

If all goes well I should be down in Sg too that weekend. Not for the fashion do - just for fun. =)

Will say hi if I spot you around!

Apple Daisy said...

ahhh hope i win :)

xx. A

Apple Daisy said...

ahhh hope i win :)

xx. A

Grant said...

Sounds really great - but two problems for me:

1) No passport (I KNOW!)

2) Work is super busy right now :"(

I cannot wait to live vicariously through your Blog reportage though!


MadameDollface said...

I am very envious of you! Alas, I have absolutely no idea how to change the file size of my photo's.. But I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

Marylou said...

Wow, so sorry I missed this opportunity, here I my pix if there's still a chance.

The Frockette said...

Lady M!
I am on the shortlist and am the only Australian representative. Please vote for me fellow Aussie's! xoxo