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The Big In-between

Not quite autumn, not quite winter here in Melbourne I've found that I'm doing what Melburnian's do best and that's layering.
When I first moved to Sydney I found it hard to get used to just wearing a t-shirt all day, or just a sweater. What was this crazy concept where the weather stayed the same all day?
I dressed for all four seasons, every day in Melbourne thank you very much.
Anyhow, it gives me pleasure to pull items like this vintage, Irish linen, a-line coat out of the wardrobe that has sat there quite lonely all summer.
The coat was given to me by one of my aunties who had it for years but never wore it. I wasn't sure at first whether I would myself, but now I find that I wear it with everything. Well, this week that is.
In other Lady Melbourne news my new blog is just about ready to launch and later on in the week when you visit you'll no doubt see a new look.
Don't fear if you visit and can't see anything, there may be minor transmission interruption while it all swaps over but come Friday I'll be at my new home.
I hope you like it.
Vintage coat: gift
Scarf: This is actually a trimming that I bought at a fabric shop.
Earrings: Forever New
Pants: Country Road from the salvos
Heels: Siren
Bag: Longchamp

p.s- yes, I'm on the phone!



Sleekit said...

Looking forward to seeing your new look site

Sleekit x

MannequinMe said...

Yes, yay for layering! Gives room for both creativity and, for the more practical side of things, comfort.

I love the trimming worn as a light scarf. Very pretty.

She Wore It Well said...

The coat is fab x

Flit About said...

I'm super excited to see your new design! I'm sure all your readers will love it!

PS: Layering is definitely a must! Just last week I found myself wearing a scarf in the morning and going for a swim later in the arvo!

Lauren said...

Good old Melbourne weather. Love your earrings! Great outfit & can't wait for the new design xx

Bunny Darke said...

A brilliant ensemble! The accessories make it. You look great.

MadameDollface said...

I really do love your earrings!

Krista said...

I'd love to see a full picture of the coat, I just love A line coats at the moment. I'm struggling with the layering thing in VIC, I'm from Brisbane so am definitely not used to this crazy cold weather.

om said...

the trim as scarf... love :)

Fourth Daughter said...

Will have to steal the trim as scarf idea! It's gorgeous! I've just reorganised my wardrobe for winter so I hope we don't get another warm spell!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

you styled it beautifully. i srsly can not wait for ur new blog page!! excited :D x

svenskaussie said...

Incredibly chic. Love the shoes and the cuffed trousers combo, it's all perfect.

The Cupcake Stand said...

i love fall. but here in NYC I am quite excited for the warm spring weather! I have been wearing my trench coat every day. Love!

Liz said...

love the look, esp the scarf :D

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit. The pants are divine. Everything just 'fits'. Gorgeous pictures.

febrina utami putri said...

the earrings!! i love it so so so much! looking good in pastel colour

megannielsen said...

Yeah dressing in Melbourne is different to other parts of Australia! I used to live in Perth, where you wear one season of clothing in a day... and whenever I went on vacation or a business trip to Melbourne I really really struggled with how variable the daily weather was! But you layer like a pro!

Darrah said...

You always look so chic. How do you do it? I feel like I need to enhance my wardrobe every time I look at your blog! :)