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Happy Friday video blog!

Happy Friday to you all, here is a little video on the etiquette of thank-you notes. There will be detailed photos to come, I just have to jet this very minute so if you like what you see pop back in the next day or so for updates.



jacqueline said...

dear LM - a little clarification around thank you cards... what do you think would be the appropriate thing to do in this case? we were married and then two weeks later a member of the immediate family passed away suddenly (and very unexpectedly). i had intended to send out thank you cards but due the the circumstances it seemed a little inappropriate to direct attention during this time back to our marriage and as a result did not do this. i did make a point of thanking people in person for their gifts and attendance the next time we met. do you think that this was the right course of action?

georgina said...

very helpful, i love all your stationery! your makeup in this video looks great :)

Anonymous said...

I know how much I love receiving thank you cards, so I make a point to send them too.

I thought you might enjoy these letterpress thank you cards that I came across today - so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Great video! Thank you very much. I adore writing on cards and choosing stationery. I agree, they are a joy to receive and it's nice to go to the trouble of sending them. An important message here! Thank you for delivering so eloquently :)