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Lady Melbourne's favourite dress

I really love this dress, I love the movement and the fluid motion of the fabric. It's become one of my wardrobe favourites because it seems that I can wear it everywhere. Do you have a dress like that?
I've worn it during the day, to dinner and then onto after hours events as well. Which got me thinking about fashion economy or fashmatics: maths + fashion.
It's not a hard and fast rule, but when I'm shopping I do think about cost per wear and how versatile the garment will be in my wardrobe.
For example, I have a sequined dress that cost me a couple of hundred bucks that I bought to wear to a NYE party a few years back. NYE is a special event so I wanted a special dress, but there have only been a few occasions since that I've been able to wear it. Ergo, was it worth $300?
My black ballet flats on the other hand cost me $200 but I wear them all the time. $200 might seem like an extravagant amount to spend on ballet flats, but is it warranted if you wear them every day?
I think it's a really interesting argument because how we shop and what we spend is such an individual choice. It often depends on lifestyle and means, but then even though I could afford to buy something new, if I need something I will often shop in op-shops first to see if I can find it.



What's For Tea? said...

I definitely calculate cost per wear. I dropped $450 on a dress that I knew I could wear to three weddings and the races. Less than $150 per wear = good value I think.
Also being a specs wearer I am totally ok to spend mega bucks on frames that I wear literally hundreds of times.

Marylou said...

If it's going to last and I'll wear to more than one occassion or everyday, it has more of a chance of being bought and worn with love by me.

Fourth Daughter said...

I don't usually suffer this dilemma as most of my stuff is from op shops or I make it, but I recently got obsessed with a pair of $900 boots... and was then given vouchers for my birthday so I could purchase (one shoe of) said boots... but in the meantime, found a $10 pair at the Salvos and am again struggling with whether it's OK to fork out $900 on shoes!! But I'll wear them heaps, right?!

Sleekit said...

I have many outfits that hang in my wardrobe and only a few wears, mostly wedding outfits but lately I have been getting to the back of the wardrobe and wearing from the archive; no one remembers what you wore to cousin Johnny's wedding 10 years ago, do they???
My most worn article of clothing in my wardrobe would have to be a stripy blue and white T that I rescued from a bargain bin for $20; it has holes forming under the arms (adds character), I've lost count how many times I've worn it, I have it on today.
So to recap: buy classic pieces and when buying a costly garment, never buy on trend!

Sleekit x


I totally agree on spending up big on items like black ballet flats or black leather handbags. Sometimes I find I slurge on something totally pointless & it irritates me for ages, even years after the purchase!

Anonymous said...

And we (well I do anyway) LOVE seeing that dress on you! I have a 'wear every wear dress' too it's the navy one with ruffles that I made (and I think I wore it to our brunch) it's got such a relaxed fit but because of the fabric and with the right accessories can also be worn after 5.
I calculate $ per wear. But I do love occasional splurges on shoes and formal wear (well i use to) but black tights and shirts for school I do spend a lot on because I wear them every day and the $ p/wear is justifiable and I'm not 7 anymore so I don't ladder my tights as much haha.

WOHHH, at work again, first time I've commented in AGES!

Anonymous said...

* wear every where

Anonymous said...

It's so funny you mention this. Today, I went to Target, and I never go in there, but I need new track pants for the gym and I was thinking "Why am I going to Rebel Sport and paying $60 on a pair of track pants???" so I went to Target and you know waht? three pairs of track pants at $10 each? That's a saving of $150 that I can put towards something actually beautiful, and not something I'm just going to sweat into.

And I agree with Angela - I love this dress and I love when you wear it :3


She Wore It Well said...

it's all about cost per wear, for sure