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Blogeratti: The Sart, Garance and Lady M

Garance Dore, myself and Scott Schumann of The Sartorialist

Me and Chris Roman, Garance's assistant

"I'm a communicator, not just a photographer, blogger or illustrator. How you find the way to show the world who you are is most important," said Garance Dore at the launch of her illustration series for Westfield at the Doncaster styling suite on Thursday.
I was due to fly out to Singapore but pretty much put the brakes on that when this invite dropped in my in-box- miss the chance to catch up with blogging royalty? Not me.
"Four years ago when I started it was not fashionable to be a blogger. My friends were like, 'You have a blog, what?! You need to get out more!' I never thought I would end up here," she said.
When asked what she looks for in the women that grace the pages of her blog, Garance said that it's more about the personal appeal of the subject.
"To me I think, 'I want to be that girl.' It's very intimate. It's not exactly what they are wearing, its more, 'Wow, she's amazing!' "



politics.tom said...

Wow, Lady Melbourne. You're a big deal. Have a great time.

MannequinMe said...

Ahh, look at her there! Garance is hilarious and utterly adorable!

Have fun in SG Lady M!!! Have a curry puff for us. Haha..

Genna Campton said...

Wow, jealous much? Hope you are already having a blat in Singapore.xx

Indigo said...

Wow!!! What an amazing experience to meet them both. Enjoy you trip!

jess said...

Wow I'm so jealous you got to meet Garance, I absolutely love her blog and her illustrations! I love how you styled your hair as well

Goldilox said...

I love them both, Garance is hilarious and Scott's photos are divine

Jessica said...

Love Garance and the Sartorialist. THX Lady Melb for such beautiful pics.