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Sing Sing Sing!

The Frockette and myself outside the festival tent.
Hey y'all, so did you know I'm in Singapore for Audi Fashion Festival? No?!
Well in that case welcome to Singapore!
I'm so thrilled to be here, I'd been off the plane not 2 hours before I was seated front row at the Herve Leger and Tiffany retrospective show. Beautiful does not do credit to the gowns that strutted in front of me, not to mention the accessories.

I couldn't help but show you what I got up to between shows because I thought it was just so gorgeous that you could be sat in front of $6000 gowns one minute and on the street eating ice-cream the next.

I got a hot tip that you could get wedges of ice-cream between bread(yup you read correctly, bread) from street vendors on Orchard Rd and low and behold there was a man right outside one of the tents at fashion week.
I actually chose to have mine in wafer, but I'm going back for the bread at some point during my stay. For $1 you can't really beat mid show action to cool you down.



Jess said...

Wow that icecream looks delicious!
Some of the flavours they have on offer seem a little bizarre though.. sweet corn?

Hope you are having a brilliant time :)

- Jess

Lauren said...

Hope you have an amazing time! Singapore has a truly beautiful city, i visited twice last year. Enjoy! x

Fatin Atiqah said...

Hi Lady M!! i am from Singapore!

You should try the ripple with bread. one of the locals favourite!

Wish i could bump into you. that would be so cool. How long is your stay here?

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Yum Yum!!! You girls are working it in those gorgeous flocks. I love those booties and your killer heels as well!!! Enjoy.


Post Scriptum said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and I absoloutly love it. And that ice cream is so tempting!

MannequinMe said...

I honestly think the snack foods in Singapore is heaps more fun than the shopping! And I LOVE the shopping! Wishing we were there clocking up those calories with you shamelessly!

FairyFiligree said...

Lovely experience. That ice cream wedge in between wafers is something we also have in our Mediterranean island. NEver tried it with bread though bread & chocolate is fab. Forget the calories of course.

ana b. said...

Lady M, you look so chich in that black and white dress. I hope you're having an amazing time in Singapore.

Fashion Tidbits said...

yum!!!! do we get to see pics from some of the fashion shows you attended?:)

Indigo said...

What a funky idea with the icecream. I'll be going home tonight and trying it :)

茂鴻 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

nashue said...

hahahaa...singapore!!! yeah..that fashion festival really happening as my chinese friend went look pretty cool