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A lovely little story..

So I need to start off my saying that I have had this scarf for a few weeks now and I rudely have not posted it yet, so Jesska I apologise!
I came across Jesska's blog Thousand Threads when she left me a comment and I discovered she was passionate about knitting. Not to mention another stylish Melbourne girl, I suggested she knit a black and white scarf.
She gladly took the project on board and above ladies and gentlemen is the wonderful result. She would not accept payment, just a coffee in return for this beautiful hand knitted scarf.
Have a look at her blog for other knitting projects or get in contact with her if you want one for yourself!
Thank you!



jesska said...

It was my pleasure, so glad you like it! x

CurlyPops said...

That's so sweet...I found your blog via Jesska's and I've been checking out your daily outfits.

A dreamer said...

before i read the text and only glanced at the pic, i thought you were going to be writing about you being a die hard collingwood fan or something. haha. woops

The Collector said...

a dreamer, somehow I cannot picture LM at a Collingwood match (not that there is anything wrong with Collingwood). I can see LM at the Polo or in the member's stand at the horse racing or something... wearing something fabulous.

Francis Girard said...

A made for you scarf - how kind. Made to measure with love, thats a special piece. xf

Siljesfashion said...

Very cute!p

Rebecca said...

Aw that's so nice!

Imelda Matt said...

Lady Melbourne's a Pies supporter! I would never have guest it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your scarf - very stylish detail )))

Cheryl Lynn said...

I can see that I've been away from my girl for much tooooo long! You have some stunning posts that I've missed. This scarf is very pretty indeed and in my favorite color combination to boot. You cannot go wrong with black and white.

Knitting and crocheting used to be a passion of mine as well. I intend to add them to my repertoire again, along with sewing and various other artistic endeavors. Thanks for the heads up on this website.

Love you much