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Happy Friday!

Hello and Happy Friday!!!
Here are the winners of last weeks comp, I've never had that many entries before but as usual all your names went in a hat and were picked at random. It's like the Lady Melbourne lottery!
Belle Affair
Just email with your postal address!
And just so you don't feel disappointed, the EziBuy comp is well and truly underway so check this out to enter!

My big silver bow was obtained in Singapore at, ah, well, lets just say it wasn't a shop. Quite possible part of the decorations some where, but we'll keep that one under wraps!
My new heels are from DFO(yes I'm at it again!) and I like their tough edge. I think the colour is quite perfect for spring/summer.
Anyhow, have a lovely Friday everyone!
Dress: Tsubaki
Heels: Table Eight Factory Outlet, DFO Essendon
Cuffs: Bugis St market, Singapore



Moon said...

How lovely! the colour are totally fantastic =)


She shoes are awesome! I'll be hitting up table eight DFO in canberra!

Uinisan said...

could grey and silver be the next black haahahah... u make it look great!!!

Arielle Antoinette said...

I LOVED THOSE BOWS TOO!! LM... you are so naughty! tsk tsk


Kahani said...

Ooh love this photoshoot. Btw your shoes are "inspired by" the coveted Gucci's Iman. =P I know because I bought these in red.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love the steely grey colour

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! DFO for me is like a bar for an AA member. "Hi, my name is Angela and I've been 9 months since I last bought something cheap and irrelavant from DFO"


Lady Antoinette said...

I abso-tively,poso-lutley LOVE THOSE SHOES!

*sighs; dreams of those shoes...shuts down the comp and goes to bed*

Anonymous said...

Can I just totally break from character and say "Phwoar!!!"

You look hot Lady M.


That bow story is awesome as well - I did something similar with some material in an Op-shop, but I put a ticket on it and paid for it, because it was a display and one of the women said I couldn't have it! I sure showed her!

And I'll probably go to hell for it, LOL!


lulki said...

such lovely photos LM! you look stunning! happy friday xx

FairyFiligree said...

I love these shoes - were they very expensive? They certainly look it!

Suzanne said...

wow, what a look!

violetville said...

oh my, i like every aspect of this outfit! i'm so enamored with grey, and each piece seems to complement the others is just the right way!

Style Seduction said...

The shoes are gorgeous! Love your blog.

Sarah-Lou said...

You would match perfectly to the "Silver surfer"!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Congratulations on your winning the best fashion blog. Great to see the strange world of blogging get recognition - especially in Australia.

Lovely blog, beautiful photos and so fresh.

Well done.

Tink in My Closet said...

Gorgeous shoes..

FashionAddict said...

WOW, the scarf with that dress is so glamorous! LOVE it.