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Happy Friday!

It's my first Happy Friday post for 2010 so I'm kind of thrilled that a competition ends today. Don't forget to enter, there could be a vintage dress and other fabulous finds in there for you!

I bought this dress at Episode on Sydney Rd and it had a ghastly(seriously, who uses that word) canary yellow collar and trim on the pockets and sleeves. I unpicked all of that, took it up and now have a lovely grey dress that I have wanted for, well, forever.
H.L thinks that I look like Noeline from Sylvania Waters with those glasses on and begs me not to wear them, but I'm rather fond of them in a Florida-retiree-kind-of-way. I love Nana Chic so they are here to stay.
I'm kind of blown away by all your entries into the comp, I can tell by my analytics that visitors have dropped(which isn't unusual this time of year) so I guess I thought not many people would enter. For all you troopers back at work in the new year while the rest of us are on holiday, I hope you find this entertaining and win yourself a prize! I know I hated going back to work just after new year before my big career change so thanks for tuning in while the rest of us are sleeping in or at the mall.

Dress: Episode
Bag: Leather market, Florence
Bracelets: Random Indian shop in Oakleigh
Belt: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Sunnies: DFO
Earings: I made them
Heels: Tony Bianco, DFO
(I just realised what I united nations effort this outfit is. Hilarious.)



Miss Temira said...

Beautiful Dress! The material looks divine.

Ann said...

that dress looks really really good on you!

Wikifashion and Lola said...

Gorgeous dress, it looks so silky and pretty :)
PS. I love the glasses on you, they look great!

phonakins said...

Like the simplicity of grey.

Julie said...

I think those sunglasses are darling!

Style Seduction said...

Yes the dress is darling, you really look elegant

fireheart said...

I love your shoes!!! They look so fabulously chic!!! And yes the grey dress' material looks so silky and heavenly!

Anonymous said...

ahhh that bag -sigh- sooo beautiful, I'd pat it if it was in arms reach. HAHAH!

Why unpick the yellow? You can ride you adorable bike and not have to wear a vissy vest!


omchelsea said...

Oh, THAT is the grey dress I need to go with my cream bag. WHY did you beat me to it?!

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous bag!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miss C. Alexandria giveaway!♥

Good luck!


MissKellie said...

That is a wonderful dress! :D It looks fantastic!

kanishk said...

that dress looks really really good on you!

see through lingerie

-h said...

so elegant