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I just realised that this outfit really hinges on the accessories I'm wearing. I'd been after a grey dress-scratch that the perfect grey dress- for ages when I happened upon this in Episode and the more I wear it the more it love it. Only thing is, it's not a natural fiber which I prefer in my clothes, but still it seems to be proving itself quite versatile. I'm still on the look out for a silk version so let me know if you find anything.
I can't stop wearing these heels- why haven't I bought a neutral pair of heels before?! They go with everything and I just love them.
Necklaces: Valley Girl
Dress: Episode
Bag: Siricco
Heels: Verali
Belt: Salvos in Abbotsford
Sunnies: Scarlet & Sly



omchelsea said...

Just saw that bag tonight in Ackland St and had to stare at it for several seconds, thinking "SOmeone I know has that bag..." Oh yeah. It makes the dress!

♥Lola said...

Gorgeous dress! Love the necklaces :)

Anonymous said...

love the shoes, the neutral pallet you've done is lovely.

Girl on Raw said...

Sandra Bullock was wearing those same (similar shoes) at the People's Choice awards and I fell in love with them there.

emmabovary said...

Loving the accessories Lady Melbourne. Also, interested in buying something from your etsy but trying to work out how the aus dollar conversion works...

Meg said...

Love that dress LM! It's really perfect in it's simplicity... but I think your accessories bring it to life

WendyB said...

Fabulous bag!

Friend in Fashion said...

Great bag and shoes!

Fashion giveaway @


B i k e W o r k P l a y said...

I LOVE that dress.. when I saw the first photo my heart sank b/c I assumed that the dress was vintage, which meant one of a kind and unatainable to me.

But, I'm off to the web site now to look it up!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the abbotsford salvos the best?! I agree with the nude heels they elongate your legs and go with everything!

Lovely outift!


eunice said...

love the shirt dress! its perfect on you! and fantastic choice of accessories :)

Hippie Frou Frou said...

lovely dress, such a nice cut & color :)

jess s//

joboag said...

Hi Lady M,

I found your dress in silk:

(price isnt exactly awesome though...)


felicity.lupo said...

I love your style. Beautiful.

Lady Melbourne said...

omchelsea- so cute!

♥Lola- thanks doll!

Mez- yeah I'm really getting into neutrals

Girl on Raw- thanks

emmabovary- I would give this website a try-

Meg- oh, so sweet!

WendyB- thanks, means so much coming from you!

Friend in Fashion- ta!

B i k e W o r k P l a y- don't worry I'm looking for a silk version myself so if i find one I will let you guys know.

angelaseeangelablog- its good but sometimes I think its a little bit over priced. This belt was like, $3 so I was happy!

eunice- lovely name Eunice, thanks for your comment!

Hippie Frou Frou- chairs Jess!

joboag- oh my heart skiped a beat...until I saw the price!

felicity.lupo- thanks doll!

Anonymous said...

I really love that bag - it's amazing.

The dress is of a lovely cut darling, it suits you perfectly.