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Get ready

My post about the giant shoulder pads the other day got me thinking about what I'm going to wear to L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival coming up in March.

One of you suggested that I keep the shoulders for the event, so it got me thinking about what I'm going to wear every single day of the week. It might sound ridiculous to some of you that I am sat here pondering what I will be wearing for one entire week in the distant future. I barely wear the same thing all day every day, so to think that I will have events, shows and parties to attend kind of sends you into a spin.

I have an over flowing wardrobe but naturally nothing to wear, so for the next few weeks I'll be putting things out there in an attempt to work out how I want to look for the week. I will of course need your help so this is the first contender. I made the jacket and I have a beautiful Carla Zampatti jacket underneath but you can't see it unfortunately.

Jacket: Lady Melbourne
Skirt: Vintage piece, Mother Melbourne wore it years ago, now its mine!
Heels: Urban Originals
Blouse: Carla Zampatti
Leather bag: Value City Savers, it cost me...............................................$7. Read and weep.



Optimistic. said...

UR SHOOOOES , nice outfits.

♥Lola said...

Adore those bracelets! Can't wait to see your fashion week outfits :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Ate ape ke he meke nih nyah oi !

Glamour Bbey. said...

I love your heels!

Love, Cindy.

Rosie said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Another Dynasty look :D

I am secretly hoping that this is leading to you throwing a Martini in someones face at Fashion Week this year. Does this make me a terrible person?


Lady Melbourne said...

Optimistic- thanks, I do too!

♥Lola- thanks, I made those myself.

~PakKaramu~- I'm really not sure what you said!

Glamour Bbey- thanks, me too!

Rosie- ta!

Grant- I'm not normally one to cause a scene.....however, it would be marvelous wouldn't it?!

Flit About said...

Beautiful mix of patterns. Hot hair!
I am also in love with the chair... AH!

Rowan said...

Love the skirt with that jacket -also very jealous about the Eames furniture!

luvshabuu said...

you pull up the patterns nicely!!

by the way
im starting selling accessories =)
please have a look at

thankx =)

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Oh gosh I am trying to decide too & I've only one day.

Definitely weeping at the bag.

esme and the lane way said...

Ah, decisions, decisions... lovely fun ones to mull over, too. (With Martini? in hand, of course :) )

ps Love your Eames chair, it is stunning.

Sleekit said...

Loving the mix of prints here, love the chair, I have one too

Sleekit x

Bucca said...

Oh I adore that jacket you made it's absolutely beautiful!

megannielsen said...

Love that skirt! Mother melbourne has great taste!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit, very sharp - I love the mix of mono-chrome patterns