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Her mind was buzzing with questions.....

I think that this skirt is too long so I'm in the process of taking up the hem,but I like it because it's light and the colours just seem to go with everything I own.
I thought I'd see how it looked with a darker, tougher pallet of leather and black and white- there is a lot of black and white in my wardrobe.

The tag says 12 but the waist measures 25" so I'd say that it was made when a size 12 measured completely differently to today's standards. You can only imagine how tiny an 8 must have been if a size 12 is 25"!
To borrow a line from Just Say When, this is pretty much how I felt when I tried it on:

'Her mind is buzzing with unanswered questions:
(a) Who the hell made this dress?
(b) Did some unfeeling fool change the dress/size label?
(c) Has the whole world gone mad?'

You can read the whole article here, but it's a nice little piece on what many of us face when we shop for second hand clothes.

On another fashionable note, the Sonia Rykiel range for H&M has been released in London and you can see a gallery here.
I have my spies in London working to get my hands on a couple of pieces, the sweaters would be just perfect to wear this autumn don't you think?
And don't get me started on the fact we don't have H&M here is Australia......



Lost In Laneways said...

The Sonia Rykiel collection looks very interesting indeed. I too have my "team" in France working on it ;-)
Like the skirt too, but I agree, it would look better shorter (or longer actually).

♥Lola said...

Love the skirt! We should start a petition to get H&M here :)

Madame Bovary said...

i love the look, i´ll copy you!!

esme and the lane way said...

Beautiful skirt, love the colours. I laugh when the old labels tell lies – my waist is NOT 55cm, as much as I'd like it to be! :D

Lucinda said...

This is exactly why vintage shopping drives me insane! That article was a perfect explanation.

I think you could probably get away with leaving the length on the skirt but I can understand your wanting to take it up - I rarely wear anything past my knees.

Amy said...

Agh! WHERE did you get your leather jacket from? Its my dream jacket that I am hunting for at the moment!!

Anonymous said...

Argh I share your frustration at not having H&M in Aus. Hating that I didn't buy more when I lived in London. Such great value and cute clothes! Love the garden collection.

Bru said...

nice look,love the leather jacket.

Anonymous said...

Rykiel x HM = Amazingness, especially the lingerie line -drool-.

Looking fab! I wish you had name + url as a comment choice, there's something going on with my open id and I can only comment at work :( shame, so much I want to say!


Jenny said...

Yummy skirt!

angel said...

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Mystery Flight Vintage said...

the skirt is great. i have a few Stitches garments and the tags all read inappropriate sizes. it's 70s/80s brand, so the sizing isn't right by modern standards.

your leather jacket is perfect! i need one like that for the mild autumn months ahead.