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Happy Friday! Welcome to Lady Melbourne's new Friday videos

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my friends and fellow bloggers suggested that I do a video blog once a week because she'd love to see more of Lady Melbourne TV.
So rather than it being as styled as last time(read: my editor moved to London and I'm rubbish at Final Cut) it will be more conversational between you, and me.

This is the kick off video, please feel free to write in each week!



mom & son said...

aww...i love your voice.
very cute accent.

An Affair With Fashion said...

And such a relevant topic to us new bloggers. Thanks for the boost of confidence.

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love this, I do videos too sometimes it is always fun to do those.

VintageFokus said...

Love it Lady M! Thanks for the tips ;)


Faye said...

Nice blog. Like the Friday post - you have a sincere kind energy! I m just starting out with mine&learning all I can.. check me out if you get a sec

Much love and feathers xx

litelwonderland said...

You seem so sweet, and I love your dress! Thanks for the info.

litel wonderland

Kitty said...

Hey! Thats great, thanks. I would love to know how you got so much exposure to your blog? How did you build up followers? I am also living in melbourne so I love reading your blog, check mine out Thanks x

liz said...

This is great! I'm so happy that you are doing videos again. It's nice to feel like you are participating in a conversation. I think your advice was dead on, and I am going to keep that in mind for my own blog. Hope you are having a happy Friday!

amelia said...

Ohhhh I LOOOOVE :) So cute lady M. Everything you do, you do well. xxxxxx

Irene Octoviani Tan said...

gorgeous !

Morgan said...

Okay, you are the cutest! I would rewatch the video just to hear your adorable accent... our American accents must sound SO hideous to you all! haha

I also have to agree with everything you said about negative comments on your blog. It's absolutely devastating when you're thinking everyone is enjoying what you post and someone decides to burst your bubble! You kind of just have to let those things roll off your back. :)

Casey said...

gorgeous, keep them coming!

Cotton Socks said...

Yay for the return of video blogging.
Negative comments is a difficult topic.
Addressing / Ignoring etc.
I think what you said is so true re: no matter how many nice comments you get, the negative ones will have more impact.
we are a funny bunch.

I went back and watched a couple of old Lady Melbourne TV episodes.
I loved that intro where you are walking along Flinders Lane (i think)
It's so cool !!
I wish i could edit videos as well as that.

Sleekit said...

Damn, my browser is on super slow download, I will leave this little nugget for when I get home and my little boy is tucked up in bed

Happy Friday!

Sleekit x

eagle-eye-cherry said...

Was really nice your speech, and about your voice, honestly i didn't expect to be so kindness. Congratulations for your blog and I will follow it every day.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Completely agree with your take on constructive comments. I hold the same policy on mine. xo

Flit About said...

I love LM TV!! What a great way to start the weekend:D
Aa for the topic, I agree with you. Although I haven't had any negativity yet, constructive criticism is very welcome, that can only make me better at whatever it addresses; grammar, dressing etc. or give me a new perspective.
Have a lovely weekend!

Sleekit said...

Wine in hand, little boy in bed, I sit down to your come across so well lady and a great topic to tackle. I have only just entered the world of blogging and have noticed that there can be a few schoolyard bitching bullies out there, constructive criticism can be good but negativity has no place.
I would love to know how you gained so much exposure for your blog.

Ps next time you get a negative comment just get the cover of peppermint out..

Sleekit x

The Princess of many sorts:) said...

Hi :)
I love you YouTube videos, and now i will LOVE LM Tv:)
What a great idea:)


heartofpearl ♡ said...

hi LM! its definitely nice to hear your voice again! im agreeing 100% with some other commenters, your voice is adorable, you sound sweet and real! i know that even if i recorded myself id be reluctant to post it on my blog haha! i hope that next week u can talk about how to be a little more confident with the blog. as in, i post pictures but im not sure whether i want people to recognise me in real life or to be more of a private thing! its a little scary when ppl walking by recognise u but u have to idea! if im like this should i be cutting out my face lol! dilema! xx

Renee Blackwell said...

great stuff....and very fun idea, re' the video blog....keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great video, you're so at ease in front of the camera!

Rusty Hoe said...

Personally I didn't hear an accent but then again I am a Melbourne girl myself LOL. Love the vlog you should definitely keep it up.

So glad I found your site. I used to be a fashion girl but became ill a few years ago and had to quit work. Alas that meant my fashion budget went down to about $1.98 a year. I sometimes wonder if it would be so wrong to wear some of my beautiful work heals with my trackie dacks when stuck at home. I miss wearing them and they look so sad sitting in my wardrobe.
Now I can live my fashion vicariously through your great blog :) Though I must say the Alexis Carrington coat the other day cracked me up. As a child of the 80s I have rocked some shoulder pads in my time and it's a bit scary that my old wardrobe is now popping up in vintage shops LOL.

georgina said...

thanks so much for this post, it was informative and very fun :)

thanks again!

Myrsinie said...

omg i love ur accent! i live in uk and we dont often here the lovely aussie accent...! can't wait for next week's video:) oh and i'm so jealous u guys have summer now..!

festival road said...

what a great idea. I'm sure you'll see many bloggers following your lead x

festival road said...

what a great idea. I'm sure you'll see many bloggers following your lead x

Megan said...

Loved your video and i think it was great advise. Looking forward to seeing more.

Wear, Show & Tell said...

HI hi!!
OOh how exciting Vblogging now! Considering I didn't get the chance to put you on my 'Goss on Top Bloggers!" You have to have to answer and tell us ONE thing that makes you human! :)


Tricia said...

You are too cute!

Sometimes I walk around the city thinking I might bump into you and wonder what I would say if I do meet you, but anyways I love your blog and your tips on fashion and shopping in Melbourne :)


chezy said...

love the topic and how you've addressed it! looking forward for more! :)


pretty face said...

a) Love how you have overcome the lack of editor with a new 'conversational' style - good PR there ;)
b) Love the cup of tea perched by your side!
c) Love hearing your accent.
d) Of course, the video content itself was great too.

So overall, very pleased :) xxx

Fashion Tidbits said...

nice advice:)

Girl on Raw said...

Perfect idea with the video blogs. Such fun. Looking forward to more of them :)