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A House is not A Home

Just a disclaimer before I begin: I do not sit around on the couch all kitted up reading like this, I'd just arrived home and saw the light so jumped into frame. It's my favourite time of day to photograph, honestly you just can't replicate the light. I'm reading 'A House is not A Home' by Polly Adler.

Anyhow this is another contender for fashion week, probably something I would wear during the day I think for kicking around. I just found out today I got a writing gig for the week covering all the shows- freakin awesome! I can't reveal too much(yet) but you'll all be able to read it online which is fab.

I was out at Darn Cheap Fabrics today and in case you don't know it and are interested the fabrics are a/ fabulous and b/ darn cheap.
I've decided that rather than buy a new wardrobe or fuss about what to wear to LMFF, I will just make myself a new 'Lady M' wardrobe. I've been buying up accessories and have a dove grey, kid leather jacket arriving any day now from the States (god bless you so I think I will be sorted by the time it swings around.

I've thought about starting my own little label, after doing jewellery for 7 years I know what I'd be in for and I'm not sure I want to be a slave in my own sweat shop! I know every gal and her Prada bag wants to be a designer but I'm going to keep it in mind.
I will show you my autumn/winter collection I'm going to create just for myself when its complete. It will consist of Lady M staples: circle skirts, silk blouses and cropped jackets. Stay tuned.

Pants: Agent Ninety Nine
Blouse: Carla Zampatti
Earrings: I made them
Cuffs: Bugis St market, Singapore

p.s- One of my readers and fellow bloggers suggested I start to video blog, tomorrow the first installment will go live. You heard it here first.



Madame Geek said...

Your earrings are divine! Very reminiscent of the interior of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

♥Lola said...

Congratulations on your writing gig that is amazing!! This will probably sound really strange, but a few months ago I had a dream that you wrote a novel and it was really good! Can't wait to see your first video :)

Julie said...

Love those earrings!

harbourmaster said...

SO AWESOME about the journo gig!

And I, personally, am terribly keen to see what a Lady Melbourne collection would contain (I'm also dying to hear more about your jewellery line, may we have a retrospective one day?).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Journo gig darling.

I'm so excited to see your Autumn/Winter collection; which I'm sure will be amazing; but I'm even more excited I think to see this Dove Grey leather Jacket...

It's not in any way for me, but I have that same sense of "Why isn't the package here yet?!?!"


Lady Melbourne said...

Madame Geek- that is one of the strangest but most creative comments I have ever had!! Thank you!

♥Lola- that is so sweet!! How funny, I hope that one day I do write a novel, little snippets about fashion week will have to do for now :)

Julie- yup, me too!

harbourmaster- thanks Claire! I should really pop up some stuff I guess, I did put up some head pieces I'd made a while back....mean while how is your little collection going?

Cotton Socks said...

Lovely outfit !
I am excited to see your video blogs.
I remember when you used to do the Lady Melbourne TV and go to different places and shops and interview them.
i miss themmmm!!

megannielsen said...

Congrats on the gig! and I really really love that top, it's so gorgeous!


I love the sun at your window and I do love your living room!

Indigo said...

The lighting is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your upcoming collection and the dove grey leather jacket.

Anonymous said...

Love the cuffs! Great photos!

E. Driscoll said...

A house is not a home! I love that book. I've read it twice and I've still got it on my side table. I picked it up in a vinnies somewhere.

Oh, and congrats on the writing gig :)

harbourmaster said...

Those headpieces were so beautiful! Mine is going pretty well, madly trying to finish everything as have a photoshoot on Sunday, so all will be revealed soon!

jess said...

I think you should definitely wear this to Fashion Week! It looks so chic! Love it

Milla Fox: Full-time mum, part-time stylette with a passion for fashion who loves to shop said...

LM, love the lace and ribbon around your lapel. Is it part of your shirt, or something that you added? Adore it, it really gives your outfit that touch of elegance. MFxx

Bejewelled Dresser said...

Great outfit, particularly love your hair, you always look so polished! :)