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Lady Melbourne has a new home!

You should automatically be redirected to my new site in just a few seconds:


And the winner is.....

After collating all of your names and running them through the most ugly but functional website I've ever used, the winner of last weeks give away is:

All you have to do is email me to collect your prize.

You can see the screen grabs of the names and the winner here and here.

As always, I wish, wish, wish I could give away something to you all, perhaps one day I'll have my own chat show like Ellen and I can give stuff to the whole audience. Sigh.....



SdV said...

woot, congrats to the winner =D

Miss Emmi said...

Lady Melbourne TV? We'll just have to cross our fingers and wait!

Lady Melbourne said...

SdV- such a good sport you are!

Miss Emmi- it would be good wouldn't it?!?!?

theDUSKzone said...

Thanks for the opportunity Lady Melbourne.

Congratulations to the winner.