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Happy Friday!

Hi guys, it's been quite a week, what with losing one of my digital cameras, in particular the one that I've been using for my video blogs. It was a tough pill to swallow realising that it was gone, but not to be deterred I've borrowed a camera this week in order to bring you my Friday video.

As requested by one of you, today I'm talking about how to appear confident in your photos, and little tricks you can use to get the best out of your photography.

Hope you enjoy!



Miri said...

Thanks for all the tips! I'll be defiantly keeping them all in mind when taking my photos =) xx

connie said...

This is such a great video! Filled with really helpful tips that I will definitely be able to apply. Im planning on buying a Canon similiar to yours and your auggestions with lighting etc were awesome. You are so creative, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I love your blog and videos x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tips - I'm loving your videos! I really must use my tri-pod more :)

Flit About said...

I've been looking forward to LM tv all week, and was not disappointed this time either! Many great tips, thanks!
Also, your hair looks FANTASTIC today, so shiny and healthy.

Sleekit said...

I sit down, glass of wine in hand for another LM TV episode, I can't stress enough how this helps a little blogger like me starting out. I have taken your advise with light and recently my beloved bought me a tripod and I'm just getting used to it but already can see the difference in my photography. So cheers to you lady M for keeping me inspired for another week.

Sleekit x

Bucca said...

great tips thanks again for the inspiration LM as soon as I get out of this neck brace I'm going to test out these idea's!

Lady Melbourne said...

Miri- thanks and good luck!

connie- I'm really glad you like the tips, hope you enjoy your new camera.

Stefanie- use it, you won't look back!

Flit About- aw so sweet! I'm really glad people are liking it, it's a lot of fun to make.

Sleekit- thank you so much, I love your comments, they always make me smile. If you enjoy it with a glass of wine, I enjoy making it with one!!

Bucca- a neck brace?!?! What on earth have you done girl?!?